Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Slays My Life


As expected, the Korean Beauty love affair lives on… Which is fine. This is our way of living up to Dasar Pandang Ke Timur. But even if we weren’t ardent supporters of the K-Beauty Worshippers Cult, the product that I’m going to review today would still be up there in my Holy Grail List.

Cushion foundations became HUGE in the Korean beauty world in the recent years. It seems every brand has come up with their own version of it… even L’Oreal and Lancome have come out with theirs, which is either a sign that cushion foundations are here to stay a’la BB creams or that this trend has now become passe and it is time to move on.

Korean Queen Pony suggests that it is time to move on, but personally I’m not ready to do so. Not while Innisfree is still producing their Water Glow Cushion, which I can say with FULL confidence is the best cushion foundation ever. Yes, I have tried others. I have tried Laneige’s. Missha’s. Etude House’s. Innisfree’s is better.

I honestly bought this on a whim, because Innisfree had just opened its doors in Sunway Pyramid and I was a sucker for all things trendy and thus really wanted to try this newfangled bb cushion thing— even though the idea seemed kind of unhygienic to me (more on that later). This one isn’t the only cushion foundation that Innisfree has to offer, but this is the one I got because I am also a sucker for all things glow so when I was met with the words ‘water glow’, I knew I had to get it. I mean, come on. It’s not just a glow. It’s a WATER glow. Glowing like water has been one of my greatest ambitions in life since five minutes ago, therefore I did what I rarely do and bought it without first obsessively going through online reviews.

It really has not been a regret. It’s been one of the greatest choices in my life. The elections are coming up, and it will be my first time voting but even then I know whoever I vote for isn’t going to be as great a selection as Innisfree Water Glow Cushion. For one thing, the Innisfree cushion actually delivers the promises it makes— this ish is the glowiest foundation I’ve ever had. Tons of foundations promise ‘glowiness’ but usually all it means is sheer coverage, oiliness or worse— shimmer. Innisfree understands what ‘glow’ really means and it gives you that. You can put this foundation on any part of your body— your face, your arm, your legs, whatever, I guarantee that once you’re done that specific organ is going to look like it just stole the skin of whichever gorgeous glowy-skinned Korean superstar.


Coverage-wise, please don’t expect it to cover huge blemishes or severe acne scars or hickeys (for you married gals). I’ve never found Korean cosmetics to be that big on covering up imperfections, but I absolutely refuse to give this foundation a negative point just because of that. It doesn’t promise to provide coverage, only to give a healthy glow (and trust, that healthy glow is worth it). Even then, it’s not like the coverage is the sheerest of sheer, either. It’s good enough to even out your skin tone and it actually lasts. I sometimes find that sweeping Bioderma on a cotton pad against my skin results in nothing (meaning all the foundation has faded off), but with this foundation I can do so after a long day and still find some on the cotton pad.

With all this praise, though, I still can’t name it the best foundation I’ve ever tried. This is because I’m still a bit iffy about the whole concept of a cushion foundation. Like I said, I use one regularly whether it is this brand or another and it is annoying to clean up the puff all the time. Sometimes the brands make all kinds of ridiculous claims about anti-bacterial puffs but no. The Innisfree puff, for example, looks downright nasty after a couple of uses and you have to clean it. I mean, I put hygiene up there as much as any other germaphobe but come on… we have lives. Luckily, I haven’t had any breakouts but those who are sensitive may seriously need to think about it before getting any cushion foundation. It is a lot of work, and cleaning the puff isn’t as easy as cleaning a beauty blender or a brush.

So I adore the actual foundation which is contained within the sponge of this product, but not the whole sponge-and-puff thing itself. And no, it is not the puff which makes this product brilliant— I have applied it with brushes and it looked just as good. I would definitely love this product more if I could squeeze all the foundation out into a bottle and use it as a regular foundation or if Innisfree would produce the Water Glow Foundation, the Tube/Bottle Remix.

Innisfree Water Glow Cushion is available at all Innisfree stores (for now there is one in Sunway Pyramid and Paradigm Mall) for the price of RM85.

2 thoughts on “Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Slays My Life

  1. hi !! since u said that u have tries missha cushion before ? where did u get it from ? i`m malaysian but i`m afraid about the fake product, sadly althea dont have any missha cushion. help me please.


    1. Hi Fatihah! I actually got the Missha cushion in Korea. Its not bad, it’s more matte than the innisfree one and is quite longlasting. Actually, theres a Missha store just opened in Sunway Pyramid so you can check that out, although prices are a bit marked up but at least you’ll know its ori!


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