The Cure Is A Great Band, But Cure Natural Aqua Gel Is Better


I hate crusty skin, don’t you?

I thought exfoliating would do the job so I’ve put different sorts of exfoliators to the test. However, most of the ones that I’ve tried…wait, ALL of the ones that I’ve tried would seem like a regular facial wash with the only difference of being added with microbeads made to polish your face upon contact.

At least that’s what the packaging usually says.

The entire concept of microbeads is that it drags across your face and scrapes off all the flaky bits ’till you’re left with only the smooth skin underneath. Like sandpaper. Like it’s Kemahiran Hidup class and you’re using sandpaper on your face. I need my face to be polished and cleaned, not burned and scraped!

Because that’s all these microbeaded facial exfoliators that beauticians or drugstore salesgirls keep pushing at me do!

After the 100th product failed like the previous 99, I’ve decided that exfoliating just isn’t my thing. You want me to buy another disaster in the making? Sorry, not today!

I’ve said no to every product I was offered until…

I found The Cure. Not the old 80’s band (I found them years before that)… It was a Japanese brand that I encountered by chance at Sasa. I have never heard of Cure before although Puteri (the salesgirl) insisted that the Natural Aqua Gel was huge in Japan and one bottle is sold every 12 seconds.

Yeah right, I thought.

I was feeling generous at that point of time and felt like hey why not, if it’s from Japan it might be good. I am a firm believer of Asian products after all.

Fast forward to my evening skincare routine that day where I tried the product for the very first time…

It doesn’t have the stupid beads; it is a clear, odourless gel that you rub on your face. After rubbing, some sort of rubbery substance will form (just like when you use your rubber eraser on a piece of paper) and your face will then instantly feel clean and fresh.


Goodbye flaky scales and dirty, clogged pores – hello polished, clean skin!

Ever since then, I would exfoliate my face once or twice a week and I do notice some difference. It doesn’t dry out my skin although it strips away all the flakiness of my troubled areas, but most importantly, it makes my face feel extra clean and it (by some sort of miracle from the heavens), evens out my skin tone.

I even heard that some rich guy buys several bottles every month because he uses it to exfoliate his whole body – I don’t know how that’s going to work but that’s how much he believes in the product.

As for me, I’ll just stick to using it on my face….

Coincidentally on a recent trip to Japan, I did notice that a lot of people (both Japanese and tourists) were asking for Cure… I couldn’t help but wonder, maybe Puteri wasn’t lying to me about the 12 seconds thing after all.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is available at all Sasa stores for RM115, but I got mine during an offer where you could get two for the price of RM180.

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