What’s In My Bag: Sherr Jasmine


What’s in my bag? First of all, I have my Furla purse, and a small umbrella from Espirit, useful because I’m always walking around. Of course there’s my iPhone. It’s currently in this red casing that I don’t really like, to be honest… I need something cuter. Since this is my college bag, I have my pencil case, but I don’t know where it’s from!

Next is my pouch, from Victoria’s Secret… Inside there I keep my lip balm, which is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. The original one. It’s the only lip product I wear, usually. I recently got my first ever lipstick, which is MAC Kinda Sexy. I like it a lot but I never wear it! Oh, and I have pepper spray! Just in case something happens.


There’s a few other unexciting things in there, like headphones and pens. And I also have a pendrive in here. As for what’s in my pendrive… I have mostly Korean movies! That’s all.

My bag is this pink bag from Lacoste. I bought it a few months ago when I was in Paris. Since then I’ve used it most days. It’s actually cheaper in Paris, too! Like, RM50 less. Okay, that isn’t that much I guess! The scarf doesn’t come with the bag! I put it there. Every time I have a bag I tie a scarf on it. It’s just me! Sherr always comes with a scarf.  

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