10 Beauty Products You Can Replace With Coconut Oil

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It is no secret that coconut oil has become a must-have in any beauty enthusiast’s daily regimen. This oil just not only tastes great, it also provides plenty of amazing benefits for healthy skin, hair and nails too. Eager to find out more about this beneficial and multi-tasking oil? Keep reading to discover 10 beauty products that you can get rid of and replace with coconut oil!

1. Highlighter

You can simply get that naturally subtle glow by swiping just a small amount of coconut oil above your blush, instead of investing your money on pricey shimmers.

2. Frizz serum

Fight unruly frizz by placing a dime-size amount to smooth over and keep flyaways tamed.

3. Mouthwash

Swish a tablespoon of the pomade in your mouth for 20 minutes (you read it right, minutes!) every morning after you wake up for a deep clean between your teeth and to actually combat toxins as well.

4. Cuticle oil

You don’t have to go to the beauty parlor to get salon results at home by nourishing your dehydrated cuticles with a drop of coconut oil on each finger.

5. Shaving cream

Before you shave, wash your skin with warm water and then rub coconut oil all over your legs and remove hair with a sharp razor to reveal smooth touchable skin.

6. Makeup remover

You just need a few drops to remove mascara and this amazing oil will even lift stubborn red lipstick stains.

7. Moisturiser

With this useful oil there is no need for lotion anymore, so keep a bottle of coconut oil at home all the time.  Apply a few layers onto damp skin after you shower to lock in the moisture and to keep your skin smooth.

8. Deep conditioner

Spread the oil throughout your hair before you shampoo for a pre-shampoo treatment that will eventually penetrate your hair’s shaft.

9. Wrinkle cream

Getting annoyed of those tiny lines at the outer corners of your eyes? Even these lines can’t stand a chance against the nourishing benefits of coconut oil. A few swipes of it every day could help to prevent the fine lines.

10. Lip balm

Say goodbye to cracked, dry lips by tossing your usual lip balm and smoothing coconut oil over a parched pout.


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