Spongy Goodness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClockwise from right: Faceworks Beauty Sponge, Beautyblender, Daiso Sponge, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

There’s nothing wrong with applying liquid products with your clean, bare hands. They were given to you for a reason and they will always be the easiest way to apply foundation, truth be told. Ever since the recent boom in the makeup world, a lot of people have been feeling like it’s completely and utterly necessary to have an entire set of makeup brushes and sponges in order to apply your base makeup. To which I say, hogwash. Our mothers went years applying their makeup with only their hands— even their eye makeup— and they all looked beautiful. So to the girls who are just starting out: stick with your hands.

Once you’ve found yourself fairly comfortable with makeup, though, and would like to start experimenting with different tools— then, well, why not? When it comes to makeup tools for applying foundation, different types will give you different finishes. You can use the same foundation and yet achieve different looks with it, just by changing what you apply it with.

For someone who prefers a more skin-like finish, makeup sponges are a great way to get that look. Now, the makeup sponges available on the market vary greatly— they can be the cheap, traditional wedge sponge you get at the pharmacy or they can be, well, the notorious Beautyblender. Not sure which one you’d like to go for? Read on.

i. Daiso Sponge

This sponge may look like your ordinary, generic triangular sponge but it really isn’t. See, unlike some of the cheapie sponges which are so rubbery and stiff that you feel like you’re smashing an eraser on your face, this Daiso sponge is soft, squishy and feels just nice on your face. Of course, Daiso sells a huge variety of sponges so make sure you’re getting the one in the picture. Being from Daiso, obviously it comes at the low, low price of RM5.30, so you can get a whole ton.

ii. Faceworks Beauty Sponge

The first time I was introduced to Faceworks, I was more in awe at their face brushes. I made a purchase for the entire set of their brushes, and this sponge came along with it. Porous, light and not hard (unlike most affordable sponges in the market), I think it’s a great investment for someone who isn’t ready to break the bank yet for a sponge. Honestly, ‘not hard’ is such an important characteristic for a makeup sponge. For some of these sponges, you can spend ages soaking them in water but they stay stiff and tough and feel incredibly uncomfortable on your face.

iii. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

While the two aforementioned sponges are good in their own right (if they weren’t good I wouldn’t include them in here— faves only!), this is the one which comes closest to competing with the ultimate G— the Beautyblender. It is incredibly soft, whether you use it damp or not. Some people complain about the cutout shape it’s got, but I kind of like it. I find the flat part to be convenient for blending out under eye concealer, while the rounded parts are good for putting on foundation all over my face. You can probably easily pre-order this from any online seller, but if you’re impatient you can get this at Shins for RM105 for 2… (no, they don’t sell singles)

iv. Beautyblender

Every good thing you’ve heard about the Beautyblender is true. When you first get it, you’ll probably be surprised by how small it actually is— but when you wet it and leave it damp, it instantly doubles in size and is the softest thing ever. It feels somehow… comforting, because of how soft it is. Bouncing it on your face is just so relaxing. But of course, this isn’t just a very expensive therapy tool— it applies foundation like a dream and leaves an airbrushed yet very natural finish! I took forever to finally purchase this, on account of the price (RM99 at Sephora.my!), but once I finally did— well— the raves are there for a reason!

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