Zaira Mazlee, Masscomm Student

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My name is Zaira and I’m a 20 year old mass communications student. I like playing video games— Tekken and Grand Theft Auto are my favourites!— and I adore anything that involves makeup. I am a feline lover and am literally obsessed with my own cat.

When it comes to makeup, I’ve been interested ever since I was a baby. I think it came from watching my aunt apply makeup before work. I was just mesmerised by it, especially by lipstick. I used to sneak into her room when she wasn’t around to try on her lipstick without her knowledge. She ended up giving me my first lipstick— a sample lipstick from AVON— when I was three years old. I used to think that it was lipstick made just for kids since it was so small!

Makeup was an easy hobby for me to develop since I’m surrounded by women who love it as well. My sister, for instance, is just as much a makeup lover as I am and she’s always stealing stuff from me. I don’t mind it at all, though! Since we both wear makeup, we steal from each other. I steal her concealer palette from her all the time— I mean, I bought it for her so I feel like I have the right to use it. Other than that, my friend Khadijah is also really good at makeup— her makeup is always on point! We have similar tastes so we’re always exchanging makeup reviews and giving advice to each other. She’s basically my makeup guru, and was the one to teach me how to get my brows on fleek. So shoutout to my homegirl!

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Other than the girls in my life, I also take inspiration from celebrities and makeup artists. The first celebrity that I will always check on Snapchat and Instagram— on a daily basis— is Selena Gomez. She is my girl crush and I am absolutely obsessed with her looks. Her makeup slays all the time! How is it possible for someone to look that gorgeous?

Besides her, there is this makeup artist from Australia whom I really admire— her name is Ania Milczarczyk. Her looks are really different from the other makeup artists that I’ve seen— it’s more towards a dewy-luminous finish and is all about a healthy glow. Her creations always have this model-esque vibe which I think really makes her stand out from the rest. Check her out on Instagram! Then, I’ve got my usual Youtube makeup idols like Carly Bybel, Kaushal Beauty, Chloe Morello and Nikkie Tutorials whose tutorials I always watch. I always follow their recommendations when it comes to buying makeup, especially high-end makeup. I once bought a primer recommended by Carly Bybel and I’m so glad that I watched her video before purchasing it!

Personally, I like my makeup to look edgy— even on a daily basis— so I don’t mind spending an hour on makeup before going to class. I sometimes start my routine by doing eyes first because I know I’ll spend a lot of time blending my eyeshadow and perfecting my liner and lashes. It can be so stressful! For eyes, I like to use a very soft pink-orange eyeshadow on my eyelid and follow up with a very tiny winged liner, then tightline my eyes with kohl eyeliner.  I’ve been using the Silkygirl Precision Sharp eyeliner pen for two years now, and I love it. It makes it so easy to do a winged liner, plus it’s so cheap! Then I’ll curl my lashes and apply my favourite mascara which is the Roller Lash by Benefit.

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For face makeup, I always start by priming my face with Smashbox primer then I apply a thin layer of foundation— my all time fave has to be Chanel Perfection Lumiére. It’s got incredible coverage and is perfect for those with oily skin. I’ve been using it for four years!— and then some light contouring on my face. I pretty much bake my face all the time because it really helps with oily skin, which I’ve got. It’s the only way to make my makeup last. For that, I’ll use Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder. While I wait for it to bake, I’ll move on to eyebrows— I do my brows by mixing NYX Eyebrow Gel and Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Eyeliner Gel using an angled brush. After filling in my brows I’ll use a concealer to clean it up and make it look more defined. If I haven’t done my eye makeup yet, then I’ll follow up with that. Once it’s all done, I’ll dust off the baking powder and finish off the rest of my face and spritz on some MAC Prep+Prime Fix+. The last step, of course, is lips. My favourite lipstick is probably MAC Persistence— it’s my go-to shade. I love how it just glides on unlike some other matte lipsticks which can be so powdery. This particular shade is perfect for any occasion and looks beautiful on any skin tone!

For beginners who are just starting to wear makeup, I’d recommend that they get the Silkygirl eyeliner that I talked about earlier. It is the easiest way to do a cat eye! Then, the Laneige BB Cushion is great too because it feels so light on your skin and is so easy to apply. Plus, it’s a compact so it’s great for touch ups as well. Otherwise, I don’t really think there’s much of a difference between drugstore and high-end makeup— although high-end makeup does tend to last longer than drugstore. Personally, I prefer to buy affordable dupes over the real deal so that I’ll have more money to spend on even more dupes!

Since I wear makeup all the time, I’ll always make sure that I have makeup-free days where I just let me skin breathe and rest. My skincare routine is comprised of nearly all Korean products. I once used a local skincare range which worked wonders on my skin— I loved it so much! People kept asking me what I used and I would recommend it to them, but then one day my friend who used the same brand told me that it contains mercury and so I immediately stopped using it. The withdrawal was so bad! I had tiny acne bumps on my chin and jaw which was spreading onto my cheeks— it was horrifying. I had to go to a skin specialist, but the doctor was taking too long so I asked my parents to accompany me on a skincare hunt. At the end of the day, I’d gotten myself The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. My acne vanished overnight! I’ve since been converted to Korean skincare. It’s such a pity, too, because I’ve just been to Korea recently but at the time I was still too in love with the local skincare brand so I didn’t buy anything. Biggest mistake of my life!

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Now, I keep my skincare routine simple. After using The Face Shop cleanser, I use Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask on my face and neck. I do this once or twice a week. Once that’s done I use Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence and at night right before I go to bed, I’ll use a thin layer of Tarte’s Marajuca Oil and Elianto’s Lumina White Eye Brightener under my eyes— and that’s basically it!


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