Makeup on the Go: Busy Mothers Edition

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Whenever I turn up at a gathering with my friends with a full face of makeup, my friends who are mothers (a.k.a the mother friends) would complain that they wished that they have the time to apply just one hint of makeup on their face. Handling a baby with a beautifully made up face is apparently not possible once you become a parent because it is such a hassle and takes up too much time. No mothers can spend more than 15 minutes to do something without being interrupted by their child(ren). However, these simple tips can help save your time and you will never turn up like a haggard old lady at gatherings ever again.


When you have very little time on your hands or when you have more than just makeup products on your hands (a.k.a your child), it is impossible to go all out with the foundation routine. Who has the patience to apply three to four products while trying to entertain the baby in the cot and a toddler wailing at the back? You need to pare down your makeup products as much as possible.

Mothers need a product which will do more than just one thing. You will need a multi-function or 2-in-1 product that will prime your face, even out the skin tone, cover up blemishes, protect you from the glaring sun and sets nicely onto your face without looking cakey. Most importantly, it must be easy and fast to apply. In other words, you will need a SUPER BASE. Is it even possible to find such product?


BB cushion pacts are just the thing that descended from the heavens just for all mothers. All the primers, foundations, concealers, and loose powders that you ever need for your foundation routine can be replaced by just one BB cushion pact. It can prep your face pre-makeup and can correct uneven skin tone. It even acts as a sunscreen while covering up blemishes like dark eye circles and pimples.

Now BB creams also do the same thing. But what makes BB cushion pacts much better for mothers is that BB cushion pacts are easier apply and travel friendly. To apply BB cream, you need at least three steps to apply it on your face such as a foundation brush or sponge. As for the BB cushion pact, all you need to do is dab the sponge provided in the BB cushion pact, apply it on your face in patting motion and you’re done. You can easily do this while carrying your 5kg baby in your hand. Plus this takes less than two minutes to be completed


Most women complain that they tend to look very pale after becoming a mother. The once blushing bride has lost all her rosy flush due to lack of sleep and hectic schedule tending the child(ren). But there is a way to reverse it all and go back to the time when you still look brightly flushed. In order to avoid looking pale, all you need is to have colour on your cheeks and lips. It is just that simple. Just a pop of colour on the apple of your cheeks and on your pout can make you look fresh.

As mothers need the 2-in-1 base products because there is just not enough time to use more than one product, the same thing goes for blushers and lip products. There are many blush and lip combination products out in the market. You just need one tube in your makeup bag to instantly brighten up your face and lips. These products are also designed with built in applicators to simplify application. Even if you do not have blusher and lip combination products, lipsticks that you have right now can also be used both as a blusher and lipstick.


Single eye shadows or eye shadow palettes would usually come with applicators to make application easier. But these applicators are so tiny that they are fussier and messier to apply than we would like it to be. So in the end, busy mothers would just give up on putting on eye shadows for life. Hold that thought ladies! You don’t have to give up on eye shadows just yet. All you need is eye shadow sticks.

Eye shadow sticks are eye shadows designed in a pen like form. Imagine just “drawing” on your eyes and your eye shadow application is done. The safest colour to get for these eye shadow sticks is definitely nude colours. Nude colours look good on any skin tone and goes with any colour clothing you are wearing.


There are two items in the makeup bag that is a must-have for everyone. These two items are eyeliner and mascara. Both of these two eye products help makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Just what mothers need to look fresh and awake even after spending the whole night sleepless.

Unfortunately there are no products out there that will make eyeliner and mascara application faster or easier. But since you’ve already saved so much time on other parts, it is okay to spend a little more time on your eyeliner and mascara. One tip on eyeliners and mascaras is to make sure that you get them in waterproof. This is to ensure that your eye makeup stay the way they are throughout the day in any condition.

Even though it seemed like it is easier said than done but mothers don’t have to sacrifice looking fabulous. Try to make it a point to doll yourself up even if it is just once in a while. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes with these given tips.

Are there any other tips that you mothers would like to share with us? Would love to hear from all of you in the comments below.


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