Tasha Manshahar, Singer

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To be honest, I’m not really good with makeup at all! I just don’t really have the skills for applying it… any good makeup looks I might have are all thanks to my makeup artist. But there are times when I have to do my own makeup— for events and such— so when those times come I try to keep my makeup as fresh and simple as possible so that I don’t mess it up. I try my best!

Makeup for your complexion can be a bit tough. I’ve got oily skin, so it can be a challenge on days when I have to wear more makeup than usual… Especially when I’m on the go non-stop, from events to shoots to more events and the makeup needs to keep getting refreshed. So you’ve got the makeup artists touching up over and over and adding more and more layers until… well, you can imagine it.

The foundation that I personally love the most would be NARS foundation. Anyone who is looking for foundation needs to try it. I just think it suits me to a tee. I’ve never found another brand which gives me such a perfect colour match. Like, sometimes I’ll wear MAC foundation but I find that the colour can be a bit off and it makes my skin look dull. But NARS? It ticks all the boxes. It’s perfect for my skin tone— actually I think it’s really good for Asian skin tones in general. Also, it actually manages to hold up through our weather. It lasts through all the heat and humidity!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.48.43 AM.pngFrom Tasha’s Instagram

Besides that, the makeup item that is always on rotation for me is loose powder. I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Also, lipstick. My most-worn lip products have got to be the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams— I alternate between London and Abu Dhabi. Some days, I’ll mix it with another lipstick, maybe one by MAC. But the NYX lip cream is a must have. I’m more into nude colours, really. I wish I was brave enough to wear a bright lip colour, but I’m not! I keep worrying that I’ll look weird— but rocking bold lips is all about wearing it with confidence, isn’t it? Maybe one day I’ll try it out.

The blush that I’m currently wearing is one by Tom Ford. I can’t remember the exact shade, though, because it was gifted to me! And for eyebrows, I use Benefit Brow Zings. I’ve got really thick brows already so just brushing a tiny bit of brow powder through them is enough to get them looking quite bold. The mascara that I’m currently using is Cyber Colours Ex Volume Mascara as well as one by Shu Uemura.


My favourite perfume right now is Elliadore’s Vaila, and I’m not just saying that because I’m the face of their Fiore perfume! Vaila is so sweet and can be worn for all occasions. Fiore is great too, but it’s more of a statement scent and might be a bit overwhelming for a casual setting. But I definitely carry both in my bag, just like makeup. It’s good to always have some perfume on backup, because you don’t know where your day is going to take you— you might find yourself in a situation where you’ll be needing it.


For more Tasha, check her out on Instagram!

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