That Pony Reign Just Wouldn’t Let Up


I’ve always been a loyal customer of for the past one and a half years, all thanks to my obsession with Korean makeup and beauty products. If you are a self-proclaimed K-Beauty Lover like I am, I would be insulted if you do not know who Miss Pony is! A true Beauty Icon. A true K-Beauty Queen!

As I have mentioned millions of times on this blog, I follow her religiously and wanted to die when I couldn’t get my hands on all her PONYxMEMEBOX products a year back. I only managed to get one of the eyeshadow palettes and you can read the review here.

One fine day as I was browsing through photos on my Instagram feed, I notice that Pony has launched Pony Effect, her own makeup range – and obviously I then and there decided that I need to get some of her products! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to?

However after some umm-ing and ahh-ing I decided that I probably wouldn’t actually get anything from Pony Effect– after all, I’d already tried some of her stuff from Memebox– but then I happened to notice that Hermo already had Pony Effect available on their site. I decided to go against my principle for once and bought the Pony Effect Seamless Foundation in Nude Beige and the Pebble Blender without really knowing anything about them beforehand. I’m not one to take any big risks when getting makeup online, especially foundation – I like testing one out before making a purchase but for Pony, I was willing to go for it anyhow.

I’ve heard different sorts of reviews about these two products, and they, quite frankly, scared me. If you searched on the web, some of the most notable comments are that the foundation’s scent is too strong, and it was too glowy that it made some people look oily.


For the pebble on the other hand, some claim that it was too rubbery, not porous and is no way whatsoever even close to the Real Techniques sponge, let alone the Beautyblender.

I’ll admit that those reviews had me sweating at first– I mean, if these products really were as bad as these reviews claimed them to be then that’s nearly RM200 down the drain for me! With relief, however, let me tell you that all those claims are LIES, LIES, LIES!

I am in no way at all being biased towards our Miss Pony…but I simply love the foundation and the pebble – to the extent that they are now my essentials on a daily basis!

I brought the foundation with me on a weekend travelling for work. I braced myself for disaster but then this disaster did not occur! The Pony Effect Seamless Foundation is most definitely NOT matte in any way– unsurprising, since if you watch Pony videos you’ll know that the girl loves her glow (to the extent of using shea butter as a makeup base!). This foundation is definitely up to her speed, and mine too. I love matte skin but I’m no matte look purist… I can go both ways!

This foundation comes out very light and watery. Although I usually apply it with the Pebble Blender, you can easily just blend this in with your hands and it wouldn’t streak. It feels light and comfortable on your face. Very modern. Just dust some powder across your nose and forehead and enjoy the luminosity.

Take note though, don’t use too much of the foundation in one application because it is rather overwhelming in terms of giving the glowy effect. I wouldn’t recommend it to individuals with oily skin as it can make them look greasy (unless you’re very, very patient and willing to reapply powder infinity times a day) but for people with dry skin like me, it works like a dream. I’m guessing it has moisturizing properties in its ingredients, because just a small amount can make such a difference to my face!


As for the pebble, I originally wanted to get one in Lilac but it was sold out. The sponge isn’t at all “hard”… as a matter of fact, I’d put it above the Real Techniques sponge (but still beneath the Beauty Blender) in terms of softness. It doubles in size when you dampen it, which is how I like to use it. Although the shape isn’t all that ideal for me– what exactly are you supposed to do with those flat parts? Maybe Pony would find it convenient but I don’t– it’s still bouncy enough and capable of achieving that flawless, natural look that the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge/Beautyblender are famous for.

So I’ve currently got three sponges to work my way through– without counting my pack full of Daiso makeup wedges— but I’ve already made up my mind that I’ll be repurchasing this one instead of the Real Techniques sponge (the Beautyblender is in its own league though. A very expensive league). It works just as well as the RT sponge, is softer and– most importantly– is more easily accessible! I picked up my Real Techniques sponge in Bali where it costs so much less than the ridiculous price Shins is charging for, and I was always worried about where I’d get a new one if I ever ran out. Well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Are you feeling The Pony Effect? offers the Pony Effect Seamless Foundation for RM125 and Pony Effect Pebble Blender for RM49.90.

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