Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base: Flake Free


I’ve never had any problems with oil control. Because of that, I’ve never purchased any foundation primers. Most primers, like the Cyber Colours primer we’ve featured here before, are more about absorbing the oil from your face and leaving you with a smooth, dry base.

See, I don’t want that. A dry base is the last thing I need when it comes to applying foundation. The very first time I put foundation on my skin (it was Elianto foundation and I was 17… that foundation was basically just coloured water btw) I realised that I had a problem: flakes! Every time I put on foundation, I’d worry that it would cling to the dry flakes on my nose, undereyes and around my eyebrows and ruin my entire hashtag look…

Oil control primers? What I needed was an oil ADDING primer! For a while I was actually putting Tarte Marajuca Oil on my skin as a makeup base… in the daytime. At first I thought I was serving fresh-faced Asian beauty, but actually I just looked like a greasepan. Yet without it, any foundation– no matter how light weight– was going to get stuck around all the dry bits.

So how did I solve this dilemma? Duh, through Innisfree.

How nice it is to find the Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base. Now, Innisfree isn’t the only brand on the planet which creates a moisturising primer/makeup base… Smashbox makes one too, although I looked and didn’t find it anywhere in our local Sephoras (if I find it I’m buying it). But it’s the most easily attainable for me, since (1) it’s cheap and (2) there’s an Innisfree in Paradigm Mall and I’m ALWAYS in Paradigm Mall so the chances of me being in Innisfree at this very moment is as high as 76%.

PLUS it works! Yes, everything on this blog works. Because otherwise they’re not worth talking about (plus I don’t like to trash things ’cause I’m timid). I’m not saying it’s THE GREATEST, OMG HG CHANGED MY LIFE OBSESSED WITH IT GUYS HERE’S A DISCOUNT CODE. What I’m saying is I wanted something which helped keep flaky foundation at bay and… I got it.


The makeup base looks like a moisturiser. It feels like a moisturiser and applies like one.  It isn’t silliconey at all and doesn’t make your skin feel unnaturally smooth the way oil-abosrbing primers do. Basically it gives you an extra layer of moisture on your face which helps your foundation glide on easily without clinging on any dry bits. To be honest, I’m not quite sure if it’s all that different from just applying your moisturiser twice (I wouldn’t do that because  that would just be a waste).  The texture feels slightly heavier than my Clinique gel moisturiser. I think it could be a bit lighter. I’d appreciate it more if it was more watery, like a sunblock. As it is, you might find that you need to put on a little bit of powder around your T-zone to bring down the shine this creates.

Personally, I don’t mind a bit of shininess at all. I mean, I live in Malaysia so you might as well just get used to it. There’s no way anyone is staying matte around here. So I would usually just top it all off with a light dusting of powder on my nose and forehead and call it a day.

Word of warning: absolutely put on more powder, or just forego this product if you’re planning on having pictures taken. Unlike fake highlighter glow, ‘well-moisturised’ glow tends to look more like face grease in pictures. So if you’re a selfie queen, maybe think twice.

But I’m happy enough with this makeup base as of now. I’m still going to keep my eyes peeled for any other good moisturising primers out there, although they wouldn’t be as peeled as they were before I found this product.

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