Crucial Routines for Women in their 30s

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There is no reason to be panic when you are reaching 30s. Of course, there will be wrinkles and grey hairs but you shouldn’t stop being fabulous and live your life. Women in their 30s will definitely experiencing skin changes and also hormonal changes. But hey, that is totally normal for ageing and there is nothing to worry about. What you have to do is appreciate your body and practice these routines to look amazing in your 30s;

1. Drink a lot of water

This is the simplest and easiest thing to do and you got to agree that this is also the most crucial point. By drinking a lot of water will help to prevent your body from dehydrated and also moisturize your skin. Try to drink water regularly, at least 8 glasses per day to stay young and healthy!

2. Use organic make up products

You know, too much of chemical will lead to skin problems such as radiation, allergy and inflammation that you want to avoid at the age of 30s. Look for organics make up products that can be easily found in the market.

3. Spend more on sun block and supplements

Do not reluctant to spend your money on sun block and supplements as you are going to need those to keep your skin in a good shape. Sun block helps to protect your skin from UV radiation while supplements maintain all your needs.

4.      Enough sleep and rest

To look amazing and feel energetic every day is a bit challenge as you are ageing. Thus, you need to have enough sleep and rest to recharge your energy. Get at least 7 hour sleep every day.

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