Gulliver’s Travels


Sometimes I feel like more of an air stewardess rather than a broadcaster because I fly way too much and way too often. I’m either a stewardess, or perhaps a hotel manager because I barely stay at home – I spend more time sleeping in a hotel room rather than my own.

Not that it’s a bad thing… Flying and travelling for work sounds like a dream job to some, especially if you’re paid to do so. Sure there are times that I’d hit the jackpot and I get to stay at a super fancy hotel for free with everything else already paid for.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case for me. Well not entirely. Even with a fancy room with hot tubs and whatever, when I travel, I have to spend most of my time shooting outdoors. And by outdoors, I mean under the sun for extremely long hours. Doesn’t sound very glam anymore does it?

I don’t mind getting sweaty and grimy when working. Exposing myself to the sun does help give me the tan I’ve always wanted and it makes me appreciate taking showers even more (does that even make sense?).

Over the past couple of years, I have finally learned to travel light – something I couldn’t quite do during the early periods of my career. I’ve also learned to master the art of doing my makeup under 10 minutes. 10 bloody minutes – but only with the right equipments of course!

So what exactly are the ‘right equipments’, you ask?

Well, that would have to be the right set of brushes and the right set of products that will definitely be used. Don’t even think of packing items you’re not sure of using or not. Just bring alone the important ones – and bring just one of each! No such thing as bringing two different sets of eyeshadow or three different lipsticks.

P4190265.jpgBobbi Brown lipstick in Mandarin.

Take me for example – the one and only lipstick I bring with me would normally be Bobbi Brown’s Mandarin. I feel like although it is an orange shade – it is super universal, and goes with everything. Makes lipstick so easy!

In my makeup bag during my travels, I try my best to keep things as simple and as convenient as I can. I keep almost all of my skincare products (as mentioned in my Lipstick Talk here) inside these tiny bottles you can easily purchase at Daiso to make sure that my face gets pampered before sleep no matter what, even when I’m miles away from home. I also make sure that I apply my Kiehl’s sunblock on my face before leaving my hotel room, so I always make sure to have a travel-sized tube in my makeup bag wherever I go. Skincare is something I would never compromise, no matter how tired I might be at the end of the day.

For my eyes, I bring with me the Tartelette not because I love it the most, but because I feel like it’s much easier to work with, being purely matte and all, as opposed to my other eyeshadow palettes. The colors aren’t spectacular but I feel like since they are all so nude and “basic”, the colors go with whatever clothing that I might have to wear for any shoots and events that I’d have to attend to during my travels.

As for my base, I’ve recently started using the Pony Effect foundation so I’d bring that along with me, of course partnered with it’s Pebble for my application. The concealer that I use a lot would be the Cyber Colors and I would then highlight the high points of my face with a little bit of Catrice Reflecting Foundation.


I never bring loose powder with me when I’m travelling. Not only is it messy, but the packages are always huge so that leaves no extra room in my makeup bag. The solution to this problem would be my Nars powder. Compact and on the smaller side, I think it’s perfect for my outdoor shoots. I’ve hit pan on this one, and I am still figuring out if I ought to get a new one since I have so many other powders already.

For eyebrows I’d use my HG brow product, my Innisfree browliner and for my eyes, apart from the Tartelette, I’d line them with my cheap Maybelline HyperSharp liner and then coat my eyelashes with They’re Real mascara. To be honest I’m not very fussy about eyeliner and mascara – cheap or expensive, drugstore or high end, to me they’re the least important products on my face. So for now, the Maybelline and Benefit They’re Real will have to do although I rotate them with other brands as well from time to time.

Contour and highlight would be using City Color and for my blush, I normally use my Collection palette. After everything is in place, I’d spritz some MAC to give a little bit of “glow” to my face.

Also with me, I’d always have some facial wipes for my double cleansing routine in the evenings. Then I’d rinse my face with water and then lather on some Hada Labo to clean every inch of my makeup off.


I used to want to be fabulous like the girls in the movies (and tonnes of Get Un-ready With Me videos on Youtube) by bringing fancy soaps and body wash on my flights and travels but for some reason, they never make me feel “clean”. I smelled great, yes, but I always felt so paranoid I’d still have germs and bacteria all over my body especially after my gruesome outdoor shoots. That is why I am obsessed with the Dettol soap that I love so much. It smells delicious and it makes me feel safe to carry on with my day, after hours of bathing in sweat under the sun.

I personally feel like what’s the point of smelling like roses when your pits are still the breeding ground for bacteria, and that your hands are still contaminated. Your dirty hands will always find a way to touch your face and duh, that will be one reason for unwanted breakouts! Is that a risk I’m willing to wake? No friggin’ way.

Putting my obsession with Dettol aside, let’s get on with my hair. I admit I don’t care for my hair as much as I do my skin, and it doesn’t get any more rajin when I’m away from home. For my hair I like the white Tsubaki shampoo, so I keep some in my pink Ikea travel bottle. I don’t pack the conditioner along with it because I’m too lazy to condition my hair when I shower in hotels. I like my showers to be clean but quick – I don’t even bother lazing in bathtubs anymore. Again in the movies (and on Youtube – cause admit it, Youtube influences you more than the movies do now), we’d always see these fabulous girls getting hot baths and whatnot but my reality doesn’t fit that bill anymore (did it ever?). When travelling, I am constantly tired, sweaty, hot and angry; and I like everything that I have to do after work to be quick and efficient so I get to curl in my hotel bed as soon as possible!

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