Jun Yong, Shiseido White Lucent Ambassador


My name is Jun, and I’m a TV presenter and also a model. Often when I show up on television or for shoots, I’ll have my makeup done by a pro— of which I feel very blessed, since I’ve been able to pick up some tricks from them. Like if there’s an event, more often than not I do my own makeup so yeah, very lucky to have someplace to learn from.

Even then, I’ll still need about an hour to do my own ‘special event’ makeup. It’s just that I make such a mess of my eye makeup! I keep having to clean it up and do it again. For everything else, I can do it myself. Like eyeliner… I use the Shu Uemura Calligraphy Ink liquid liner. It’s so precise, you can easily get a thick or thin line just by adjusting how you hold the pen. Perfect for someone who doesn’t have steady hands, like me. For contouring, I like the NARS contour sticks. I use the sticks instead of powders since it’s easier to blend. I use liquid foundation, so it’s better to blend creams on top of liquids, then top it off with a powder— I use a Chanel powder, but to be honest you can use any brand. I’ve never found a bad powder. However, if I’m going to be on TV, I’ll have to use a powder bronzer, since the NARS one is too shiny for the cameras and I’ll end up looking like a lightbulb.

I adore Giorgio Armani foundation, but we don’t have that in Malaysia so I could only get it in airports. You can get it in Changi, I think? Anyway, then I got sent a new foundation from Shiseido— the Synchro Skin foundation, it wasn’t even available in stores when I got it!— and I made the switch to that. As the name suggests, it synchronises with your skin tone so you don’t have to worry about it not matching. I’ve just been back from a holiday in Terengganu so I’m a bit tanner, but this foundation just blends in with my skin so I wouldn’t look tan with a white face. Plus its got SPF20, so that’s a bonus.


My preference is a matte, bright lip— like a red lipstick or any bright colours. My current favourite is Stila’s range of lipsticks… I love their neon pinks and reds. Plus it’s actually matte and stays on all day. The only nude tone that I like is this lip liner by Marc Jacobs in the shade Primrose. I always carry it around in my bag. It’s always sold out, though! For blush, old school MAC always has you covered. For my skin tone, I use their Sheertone blush in Peaches.

I think you should consider Shiseido if you have Asian skin. It’s developed with Asian skin in mind, since ours is much thinner and we’re so exposed to sunlight. The range that they’re sponsoring me is the White Lucent one, and I’m not just saying this but it’s been really helpful for me. I drive, so I have these dark spots and this range has helped to lighten them.

I try to use everything from Shiseido in my skincare routine, except for my sunblock in which I use another brand… My routine is to always cleanse first, since I wear a lot of makeup for work. It’s so important to have fresh skin before you apply anything else. So my number one is to cleanse… I remove my makeup twice, then follow up with a proper cleanser. I choose cleansers that are for deep pore cleansing, right now it’s by Shiseido.


Then I’ll use a toner— the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Serum. It’s a clear water which I use to remove any residue which might still be on my face before putting on my serum, eye serum and moisturiser. Honestly, I don’t just double cleanse. I triple cleanse. I have to! My forehead used to be full of pimples until I realised that I wore makeup for too long hours and didn’t clean it off well enough. It’s not enough to just lather your makeup off with a face wash… you’ve got to triple cleanse, or else how is your skin going to absorb all the goodies in your skincare?


For more Jun, check her out on her Instagram!


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