Beauty Secrets That May Surprise You

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Women always want to look pretty.  Besides being healthy, woman should take into account in maintaining other parts of your body as it is important as well.  Let’s take our skin for example.  Different woman have different types of skin tone and condition.  So how do you take care of your skin?  Do you think by using a complete range of beauty products can assure your skin looking radiant as you expect?  How about if you have dry or oily skin? What is the best product that suits your skin?  How about the cost?  Does the most expensive products help give the best results?

Here are some beauty secrets that you might not know before.  Perhaps it can save you a few bucks and probably solve your skin problems.

1. For those who have dry or flaky skin, do you know that you can try to wash your face with dandruff shampoo instead of your regular cleanser once a month?  According to a dermatologist, the yeast helps reduce your skin from becoming scaly.

2. Do you ever think what other functions of a baby toothbrush are?  Here is surprise for you! Besides using it for brushing a baby’s teeth, you can use it to remove the lipstick stain stuck in the crack of your lips after a long day. Other than that, you also can use a cotton swab dipped with an oil-based eye makeup to remove long-wearing lipsticks.  Does this trick ever cross your mind?

3. Here’s another use of your daily shampoo.  Use it once awhile to remove clogged parts of your make up brushes.  There’s no reason for you to buy new brushes just because you feel annoyed with the clogged parts it has.

4. Please don’t throw your used tea bags after having a cup of tea.  Splash it (but do not rinse it) to your face as this can help control oil and make your face feel fresher. According to dermatologist, the tea also can function as an astringent whereby it helps to cause contraction of your body tissue, typically skin.

5. How to test your skin type? It is easy.  Just wash your face using normal cleanser without applying moisturizer and let it be for three hours.  Then, take tissue paper and press it to your skin.  If no oil comes off and your face doesn’t feel flaky or tight, you have a normal skin.  But if you feel dry and oily at all, this indicates that you have dry skin condition. Of course oily skin tends to emerge from your T-zone which is your nose, forehead and cheeks.  By knowing your skin type, now you can choose which skincare product is suitable with your face.

Do you feel surprise with these unique tips and tricks to protect your skin?  Are you excited to try those them?  Please let us know the feedback later by dropping us some response in the comment section below.


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