To juice or not to juice; that is the question


Ever felt like a total couch potato when you spend most of your free time laying in bed, either Youtubing your life away or perhaps binge watching Game of Thrones like your life depended on it….or maybe just simply putting that Netflix subscription to full use.

I do this all the time – whenever I get a day off from work (which can happen very rarely at times), I become a total slob; a total waste of space in the comfort of my parents’ sofa in our living room. Does it make me feel like a fat piece of garbage? It does! Especially when I involuntarily reach out for snacks and other unhealthy tidbits. I do work out when I have the time, but because of my packed schedule, I don’t do so as often as I’d like. I’d be too tired from work to do so anyway!

Anyway, I recently started juicing after considering it for a very long, long time. I don’t eat nasty things, but I just felt like because I skip exercise, I’d need something else to supplement my insides. And juicing was the best solution I could come up with!

In Kuala Lumpur alone, there are tonnes of cold pressed juice available, ever since the trend hit Malaysia. I’ve always wanted to try it and unleash my inner Peaches Geldof (bless her soul RIP), but never had the guts to really do it. After reading about juicing online and gathering as much input as I could, I assured myself that it is safe and promised that I wouldn’t starve myself silly (and die).

The brand that I opted for was impressed, a brand available in Nu Sentral. Don’t you just love the name? impressed. So punny, I love it. They have different sorts of packages for people who want to try juicing and personally for me, the price for cold-pressed juice isn’t as expensive as I have often imagined. In my mind, I’ve always pictured that a day’s worth of juicing would cost as much as a bottle of foundation…but it’s not! It’s actually pretty affordable if you know how to plan things right!

A one-day package would come with with six bottles of juice priced at RM70. The two-day package comes with 12 bottles at RM130. Basically you save more money when you get more bottles.

I went for the two-day package and the level of difficulty that I chose was intermediate. Yes you can choose the beginner’s package if you’d like to but I like to think of myself as quite a “healthy” and “organic” person (I’m in denial guys!), so I straight up went for the intermediate deal.


The juices – let me say it loud and proud; are delicious! I’ve tried cold-pressed juice from other brands as regular drinks (not for the purpose of juicing, bear in mind) at hipster cafes but most of them tasted weird. Good to find that impressed lived up to it’s name – it was very impressive!

And oh, in case you were wondering, I didn’t refrain myself from eating at all when I was doing my two-day cleanse. I did take nuts, muesli and other foods I felt were healthy. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel weak and hungry at all on my first day. I did go to the toilet a lot – if you live on liquified fruits and vegetables, be prepared to make the loo your second home. I kid you not!

My second day however, was a bit more challenging as the hunger started to kick in. I still maintained my hamster diet of nuts and dried fruits so I felt slightly hungry and dizzy. But I honestly do feel a little bit of difference to my body. I won’t describe how my poop was like but all I can say is – doing the number two never felt better. My body felt lighter and cleaner, and it made me feel less guilty about skipping some of my workouts! If this is the kind of good difference that I could experience in two days, I wonder how it’d be like if I juiced for three or four days!

Would I ever do another juice cleanse in future? I definitely would! But perhaps I’d try a different brand instead – Nu Sentral is a bit too far from my neighbourhood. Empire Subang has La Juiceria so I might as well give that one a try soon.


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