Raja Azureen Eleena, TV Host & Makeup Artist


Technically my interest in makeup started when I was 14 because of Youtube, but if we’re talking about my entire makeup journey I guess it started from when I graduated from Ohio State University. I did psychology, and the reason I was doing it was because someone told me how they were looking for people to provide counselling for patients before they go to surgery and stuff. So I was interested and was like “yeah, I want to do that” but by my final year I felt like it was making me crazy so I ended up deciding that I wouldn’t do psychology after all. My first job after graduation was in PR and Branding for Marina Capital which is a private investment firm. I left after three months and that’s when I started Youtube since I wasn’t doing anything and had so much free time. My friends were all telling me that I should try doing tutorials since I practically spent half my day watching them— my favourite was Kandee Johnson, I loved how she was always smiling and how inspiring she was— so I thought I’d try it out.

Coincidentally, it was around this time that I started going into TV hosting. I’d heard from a friend that Mahligai Cinta (note: a Malaysian TV show) was looking for a new face so I went to audition. Not to say my Malay was bad but it’s rojak, you know, and Mahligai Cinta is very proper— very gadis Melayu. Surprisingly, I got the job and I ended up doing it for three months. So this new direction that I was going through kind of influenced my decision to do Youtube… I thought it would be good practice for talking to the camera, in terms of eye contact and not feeling camera shy. Now I’m with CJ Wow Shop, and I think they must have discovered me through my Youtube and maybe saw potential since CJ Wow Shop is all about selling products to people so you’ve got to be persuasive and convincing— and who does that better than a Youtube beauty guru?


My daily routine starts with putting on sunscreen— I use the Laneige White Plus Renew Tone Up Corrector. Obviously you need to protect yourself from UV rays but I also use it for providing a glow. Then I’ll go over that with Shu Uemura Poreaser CC UV Under Base Mousse in the pink bottle. My concealer of choice is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. It’s a peachy salmon tone which is perfect for under eyes. Then I like MAC Face and Body Foundation because it’s lightweight and perfect for everyday… It wouldn’t make you look like you’ve got this thick layer on you.

My blush is this cream one from Elizabeth Arden, although I can’t remember the shade. Highlighter is my favourite makeup item— I’ve been using it so much since I got my lashes done. I just got the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Shade No. 2, which is a gold highlighter and a contour shade. It’s easily my current favourite highlighter… I alternate between this and my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. The MUFE one, I feel, is a bit more bronze than the other one so if you like a beachy look then I totally recommend MUFE. As I’ve mentioned, I recently got eyelash extensions so I don’t really need to use eyeliner, although I might wear some brown eyeliner on the sides of my eyes. By the way, I really have to rave about eyelash extensions. I got mine done at Lash Lab in Jalan Telawi. They might seem a bit expensive at first but the payoff is so great. Just imagine waking up everyday and not even having to do your makeup. Like, you literally woke up like this!

Back to my routine, if I have a special event and need to wear stronger makeup, then I might do a more dramatic eye with Nars Surabaya Dual Eyeshadow. I’d still go with a normal lip, though— not so much a nude shade, just a sort of My Lips But Better shade with a gloss on top. Then I’d probably add a bit more contouring than usual… make sure my nose is shaded and stuff. But nothing too ‘wow!’.


For skincare, I don’t wash my face with any cleanser in the morning. I just use water then sunscreen. No moisturiser or anything. I’ve got really, really oily skin— my T-zone is ridiculous—  so my sunscreen provides all the moisture I need. Any more and I’ll get way too greasy! If it’s night time then I’ll start off by cleansing with my Liz Earle Hot Cleanser. It’s like a creamy lotion which you rub on your face then wipe off with hot water and a muslin cloth. It’s brilliant— it gets everything off and yet doesn’t dry out your face. Then I’ll finish off with Clarins Lotus Oil for oily skin.

Generally, my advice for those with oily skin is to treat it like you’ve got sensitive skin. Say I’m looking at a brand and they’re giving me three choices— dry-combination, oily-combination and sensitive— I’ll always go for the one that’s for sensitive skin. Every time. You need to get something which isn’t aggravating, and minimise the amount of friction that you put your skin through.

Even though I chose not to do psychology, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it anymore. I’m still really into the concept of human behaviour and I’m actually currently trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into my videos more. I’ve tried but it hasn’t been working out… You know how sometimes you draft ideas and write it down but the execution doesn’t go down as well as you’d like it to? I do feel like I might be lacking something extra right now… But I do have some plans for my future videos. I’m going to try to incorporate psychology into them, and hopefully make them into something more meaningful than just, like, “hey guys this is how we do eyeliner”. So we’ll see how that goes.


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