How To Shut Your Inner Voice When It Keeps Buzzing In The Head

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Inner voice is also known as an internal monologue of consciousness or thinking in words. Every person will face this situation without realizing. Some of them are being ignored while in another part it has been taken care of. The voice can make our life miserable and horrible if we try to avoid them because it keeps rotating in our mind. So, here are five ways to shut our inner voice wisely, especially when its makes us have doubts.

1.      Write it down

Once you think you have a doubt or feel guilty of something that holds the joyful of your life, try to jot it down and ask yourself why it happened. The reason of behind the voice can be determined after we know the source of the issue. Maybe it is important for us to remember, but we have no idea about it.

2.      Listen to them

After we write and know the reason, try listening to the voice inside our head. There is no solution if we avoid listening, otherwise it will stress us and affect our happiness. So, take a deep breath and take consideration of your inner thoughts.

3.      Believe in yourself

Inner voice comes in our mind. Sometimes when our body, mind and physical do not work together, they might have contribute to the ‘war’ in our head. So, we must believe in ourselves that every problem has a solution and we need to find it out.

4.      Take the best action

Decide the best way before taking any action. For example, if your heart feels guilty of something and your inner voice keep reminding you about it, try to list down the entire pros and cons for every step you want to take. Then, choose the best solution to your situation.

5.      Lastly, Do it!

Once you know your strength and determine the reason of ‘the war’ in your head, you must take a step to it! Not just sitting down and think the problem can be solved right away. Inner thoughts are ‘our friend’ that can help us make decisions in our life. Maybe you can deny them once in a while, but wait until they make a revolution in your head. At that time, you might be regretful of not following those thoughts.

So, did you have a war with your inner voices recently? Try applying the entire step and you might be surprised with the result. If you have another method to shut the inner voice down, don’t hesitate to share the tips in the comment section below.

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