Lo and behold, it’s a L’Oreal cushion blush!


So recently during one of my very frequent visits to Watsons, I happened to stumble upon the L’oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Blush. At first my reaction towards the product was just “meh” but then when I swatched it on my hand, I could hear the angels singing from seventh heaven.

Is this it? Have I found my new drugstore HG?

I picked one out in Sunkissed Coral and brought it to the ladies’ room to try it on my cheeks right after I left the cash register. That was how excited the blush made me! Lo and behold I then realize that I hit the jackpot with this purchase – it was absolutely almost-perfect! It must have been one of my proudest drugstore moments in a very long time….this is a blush everybody must have in their makeup bag I thought.

The first thing that I fell in love with was most definitely the color…obviously. It is a very coral-ly, sort of salmon-like color that worked well with my skin tone. I’m not one who is very particular about blush, but I feel like most of the blushes that I have all turn out to look the same once applied to my cheeks. It may look orange on the pan, but on my face, it looks just like every other pink one that I have.


This blush on the other hand, isn’t like most boring colors brought by most brands that are now, if you ask me, so cliché. It really is a color that I’ve been looking for, and I’ve been searching for a very long time. Now that I’ve found it, it did admittedly come as a surprise to me that only L’oreal got it right with the color this time around! Ten points for you, L’oreal! Other products should start getting more creative with their shades now.

The product itself is very, and I stress very easy to apply. It is easily blendable on the cheeks, especially with the help of the puff or the sponge, as it is more known as. The color is also just the right amount of pigment, not too bright but not too light either. If it had more pigment than it does right now, I’d look like a clown. If it had less, then that too, would be a problem. Which is why I feel that at this rate, it comes off as just right.

After applying the blush, you’ll notice that your face will look immediately more dewy and glowy. If you’re not into that, simply pat some powder on it (though it will cover up the blush slightly) but as for my own personal preference, I’d just let it be. The glow and the slight coral hints give my face more life and makes me look less like a vampire, and I love the dewy effect that it provides!

P6100040.jpgL’Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Blush in Sunkissed Coral.

(Oh by the way, the picture above isn’t my everyday lewk, there are piles of makeup on my face because I just got back from work after doing a studio show when this picture was taken so forgive me!)

There are, however, a few things that I’m not that keen on with the blush. First of all, I travel a lot and the size of this blush isn’t travel-friendly at all! It takes up too much space in my makeup pouch, but then again, it also means that I don’t have to pack a blush brush. I know it isn’t that huge of a problem, but I wish they could produce the same product but in a smaller size. That would be so convenient not just for travelling but for daily touch ups as well. I’m not going to bring that bulky packaging around in my handbag! No way!

Next up – hygiene. I loved (emphasis on loveDDD! Past tense, guys!) BB Cushions when they were trendy, I was obsessed with the Laneige that I used two years ago. Why did I stop using it? Because it grossed me out. I know I can clean the sponge or get a new one, but what about the cushion? The same thing applies to the L’oreal blush. How un-hygienic can it get after a while? I keep it clean and stored in my makeup bag of course…but germs you know? You can never be too careful with bacteria building up in your products!

The L’Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Blush is available at all L’Oreal counters at RM49.90.

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