A Quick One, While It’s Eid

P6100022.jpgScented candles make a nice touch for any open house. 

Today marks the first day of Eid-ul-fitr for 2016 (or more commonly known as ‘Aidilfitri’ in Malaysia… or just ‘Raya’!). The first few days of Raya will usually be spent with the immediate family, but after a couple of days that’s when we’ll start to see the onslaught of open houses left and right.

Raya is supposed to be all about spending time with loved ones and feeling grateful for what we already have, but… you know, what’s a major holiday without a little bit of consumerism? At least today we’ll be supporting local– meet Lilin + Co scented soy candles!

I came across this local brand on Instagram and got myself a few in the scents Strawberries and Champagne as well as Burnt Fig and Cassis. They came in adorable minuscule pouches as you can see above and, although the candles themselves were a bit smaller than I expected (it’s fine, since they’re only RM18-20 for 6.5 grammes!), they have held up surprisingly long. But most importantly they were able to provide a lingering, soothing natural scent to your home. In my opinion these candles are perfect for an open house– imagine your guests coming in and taking a whiff of the strawberry scent in the air!


But of course what is MyLS without some open house makeup tips? We got in touch with a couple of former (and future!) MyLS girls and asked for their tips on how to keep your makeup (and yourself) in tip top shape throughout the hours and hours of visiting, the food and– as is usual in Malaysia– the heat!

Gesty Smith: “Make sure to drink enough water because it will always give you a supple and hydrated glow – and that’s the look that you would want to achieve in front of all your family and friends! Nobody would want to look dry and flat on one of the biggest celebrations of the year, wouldn’t they?”

Zaira Mazlee: “Don’t eat too much! You can, but don’t overeat and consume more than you usually would or else it will end up on your face! The oilier the food, the oilier the face….and always remember; setting sprays are your best friend. My tip is to use two– I use the Mac setting spray and the Urban Decay one.”

Raja Azureen Eleena: “For Raya I’m focusing on strobing– not a crazy strobe but just highlighter. Highlight all the way, man. I think it’s because of the lash extensions, but I think that for Raya I’m going for something more radiant. Like people are going to be looking at the highlight, not much else.”


Selamat Hari Raya, y’all!

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