What’s In My Raya Bag?


” I’m pretty basic when it comes to whatever I carry around in my handbag. I avoid as much as possible from having to carry a heavy load. I’m lazy like that. For Raya, nothing much changes in there – even the necessities for makeup touch ups. I’d have already prepped my face with primers or prepping sprays that work well with my skin before leaving the house when I wear makeup anyway, so heavy touch ups when I’m outside aren’t that necessary.

I am currently using a simple leather Braun Buffel handbag that I bought recently. I like the simplicity of it. Very minimalist, exactly how I like my handbags to be. I’m not a fan of the very large, very loud colored ones. Call me boring but that’s just how I roll. If I wanted bright colors, I’d have them on my face. When it comes to handbags and clothes, I won’t put in too much effort.

So… What’s in my bag?


First thing’s first, my purse from Michael Kors. It isn’t exactly new, and it’s a gift from my mother. I love it. It’s black. It’s boring. And it’s very, very spacious. Just enough room for me to store my Sephora Black Card, my ATM cards, my Starbucks card, and perhaps another hundred loyalty cards.

Out of habit, I normally carry around my Astro employee pass so that’s in there too, even during Raya. Guess who loves her job too much? Other than that, I have my iPad Mini and Samsung Edge 7 in my bag. Do I really need to explain why?

For hygiene, I am always prepared with tissues. Wet and dry ones. You never know when you’re going to need them. Especially when you’re attending open houses during Raya! Those kuah or minyak on your fancy kurung top won’t wipe themselves!

I have very dry skin so my face doesn’t really get greasy after long hours. But just in case I get shiny on the nose, I’d pat on a little bit of powder from my Innisfree Mineral Compact. I’d be sure to dab some tissue on my face beforehand! I don’t like piling on powder on oily skin, even when I don’t feel oily.


I also bring with me a cream blush just in case my face needs more color. I could double lipstick as blush but I don’t think that’s something I’d like doing. Lipsticks are lipsticks and blushes are blushes. Unless I get too desperate then maybe I’d cave in. Other than that, let’s just have blush on my cheeks. This one’s a Japanese drugstore brand from Canmake. I love the color. It’s a very pretty pink that isn’t too much.

For my lips, I’ve prepared two options to choose from. The Rouge in Love lipstick, or the Juicy Shaker lip oil/gloss. Both are by Lancome. I touch up with either one after eating. I hate patchy lips so having lip products in my handbag is very, extremely crucial.

Because I have such dry skin, my hands and elbows tend to crack. It’s so embarassing! I carry with me the Hello Lotion in Cranberry and Raspberry by Etude House. It smells delicious, I swear. Although it is a body lotion, because it is small and portable, I use it on my hands when I’m on the go.

Another basic survival equipment for Open Houses would be perfume. I like using Flower by Tommy Hillfiger. It’s small, it’s dandy and it doesn’t smell too overpowering. I love strong scents but for open houses when I’m constantly moving about and at times sweating, a fresher fragrance would be my preference! “


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