Cheap thrills with Elianto.


When I hear the word Elianto, the first thing that comes to mind would be a green stall, or a green shop; although with some decent products in their line, still have that hidup segan mati tak mahu vibe. The store, not their products.

To my surprise, that isn’t how some of their stores are anymore. The one I visited recently was at Setia City Mall, and it looks like they’re rebranding and changing the brand’s vibes. Of course, one look at their new black-and-white stores and you’ll think: ‘Sephora’. But nevertheless, it’s a welcome change and it did attract me to pop in and have a look at some of their products.

P7140006.jpgL-R: Espresso, Burlywood

While I was there, I got myself a couple of individual eyeshadows that I thought were not bad looking. They were Espresso and Burlywood, a couple of nude colors that I feel are universally flattering. The price is less than RM10 each. Cheap huh? I could’ve gotten more, but they didn’t have that many nice colors to choose from. Not yet maybe.

Now obviously these colours aren’t exactly unique or all that inspiring but what caught my eye was how pigmented and smooth they are– especially for matte shadows. So often brands– even the expensive ones… nay, especially the expensive ones– are just incapable of producing good, smooth, non-patchy or chalky matte eyeshadows. Yet Elianto manages to do it with these two shades. One swipe and you get a rich, strong payoff that isn’t patchy or uneven. They also don’t leave too much powdery drop off on my under eyes which can be a very common and annoying problem when it comes to cheap eyeshadow.

P7140014.jpgOne swipe of Espresso and Burlywood.

I like putting on the Burlywood on my eyelids and some Espresso onto my crease. It creates enough dimension to my eyes to not make the gap between my eyebrows and eyelids too wide. Blending these two colors (or maybe with a few colors as well) can also create a nice, dark smoky look.

I wish that Elianto had more choices for this sort of colors. They’re still offering too many of those tacky, bright colors instead. I don’t feel like going back to the 80’s which is why I didn’t bother purchasing anything else. If they actually start producing more wearable colours to go with their new monochrome image, then I might actually purchase some more.

Elianto Mono Eyeshadows can be purchased in all Elianto stores or kiosks at RM9.90 each.

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