Four Favourite Nudes


I don’t like beige lips. I don’t like light beige, or dark beige. I don’t like brown beige nor pink beige. I don’t like it with eggs. I don’t like it with ham. I don’t like it with spam. Sam I am.

But then EVERY DAY that goes by where people go mad over some variation of a beige/greige nude– usually matte– and I can only react like “oh that wouldn’t look good on me”, I die a little more inside (I’m on life support, at this point). See, my defiance towards straight-up unapologetically nude lips is not out of some middle school desire to be against the mainstream or whatever. It just doesn’t look good on me! I wish it did. I want to be one of those bronzy girls who can wear, like, bronzer and mascara and Kat Von D Bow and Arrow and look great. But no. I’ll just look sick.

Nevertheless, my good sis wears a lot of those kinds of lipsticks (she’s a typical millenial: influenced by Kylie, wears brown liquid lipstick, etc) so I decided to ask her about what she thinks are the best nude lipsticks around. 

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm

nyx suede.jpg

While beige lipstick has always been a mainstay in cosmetics, ‘greige’ (beige + grey) is a pretty recent phenomenon. It’s one of those shades that are meant to be more cool instead of beautifying, thereby making it a ‘statement’ nude lip.

However, like most cool and trendy things, greige lipstick isn’t easy to find in stores in Malaysia outside of some of the pricier brands in Sephora. For cheap, you’d have to resolve to making a big group order from Colourpop (since I’m assuming no one wants to pay three times the amount of the cost of the actual product for shipping).

The NYX liquid suede liquid lipsticks weren’t available in our local Sephoras until recently, so this will probably be the easiest and cheapest (at RM35) way to get one. My sister also notes that this is a dupe for the lipstick which Jade from Little Mix is wearing in their ‘Secret Love Song‘ video.

Essence Lipliner in 11 In The Nude


Another Jade dupe! Obviously, since this is a lipliner it will give you matte lips. BUT I can attest that the Essence lipliner is one of the few lipliners which can give you MATTE REALNESS without drying out your lips. It goes on creamy instead of hard and dry like regular lipliners. The only issue is that since it’s a lot softer, the pencil will wear down faster than a dryer formula so you have to resharpen often. Not really a problem, since this baby is less than RM10.

Sis claims that ‘In the Nude’ is more of a pinkish nude, and while it isn’t a bright shade it can still cover up dark lips while still looking natural.

No 7 Lipstick in Honey Bloom


This is a sheer nude lip, so it’s moisturising. If you’re interested in getting into nude lipstick but hate how they are so often drying and cakey, definitely try a sheer one. It will allow you the effect of blotting down your original lip colour without washing you out too much. Cyst claims that this has a purplish hue to it, making it an interesting alternative to the usual pinkish nudes which she claims to be “quickly getting bored of”.

Pretty Suci Liquid Lipstick in Cek Mek Molek


THIS IS NOT A SHILL. We gave her some of the Pretty Suci lipsticks and she liked them. If you’ve used the Elianto liquid lipsticks before, my cyst-er claims that this one is a lot better. First of all, if you’re not super fair than this lipstick will still flatter you as it is not incredibly pale so as to make anyone darker than the shade #FFFF look like they’ve been a little bit too in love with the coco.

My sister regular uses the Elianto liquid lipsticks (and by all appearance she does seem to like them) but she claims that they are very drying and tend to get crusty and crumble on your lips. The Pretty Suci lipstick, she says, overcomes that problem. It dries up and mattifies enough so as to not transfer and to stay on while eating, but it doesn’t dry up so much so as to become “crumbly”.

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    1. I actually haven’t, although I do have my eye on the grey one (Storm, I think). As for how it holds up, if you don’t eat anything it can go the entire day but might start looking wrinkly after about 4 or 5 hours.

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