Lush wasn’t so luscious to me.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life that I wish I could erase completely from my personal history book, and there are some mistakes that I could forgive myself for – and some that I couldn’t. The most recent mistake that I made, a purchase that should have never happened was me giving in to Lush when I was in the UK. I think this entry is going to be the most angry My Passport Stamp that I’ve ever written.

Lush is undeniably popular, I mean people rave about the brand all the time. On blogs, on Youtube, on Instagram….everywhere! For some reason, I’ve never been tempted enough to get some for myself when travelling outside of Malaysia over the last couple of years. But for no concrete reason at all, I found myself handing over British Pounds to the Lush salesgirl at Westfield Mall!

Kena pukau kot? Kidding! My judgment was hazy because I felt the need to spend some cash at that time – I’ve already spent truckloads on clothes and drugstore makeup so I thought why not get some stuff at Lush? After all it is just a few Pounds….

But let me talk about the three most ughhh purchases I made there. I won’t even mention the Face Mist that does nothing, the jelly soaps that don’t make me feel clean or the toner tablets that evaporated just like that.

Firstly, the Bubblegum lip scrub. I bought it because it’s pink. And my lips were in dire need of TLC in the UK due to dehydration (some parts in England were experiencing heatwaves as it was a very hot summer when I was there) so I grabbed myself a pot.

It is okayyyish. It’s basically colored sugar that smells like bubblegum. But if you’ve ever tried DIY lipscrubs made of brown sugar that we always see on Youtube, trust me, you don’t need Lush for this purpose.

Because I felt like my lips were dry and chapped, I also got the Rose Lollipop lipbalm to help my smackers out. The salesgirl was raving to me about how much she loves it and how hydrating it is. Well blame me for believing her, she was only after my money after all because this lip balm does nothing. I’d rather slap on some Vaseline! And I don’t even like Vaseline!

Lastly, the Strawberry Bombshell lip tint. The color is pretty but it’s really, really dry. It is so dry that it cracked and broke when I applied it on my lips for the first time. When that happened, I already felt urghhh.

I’m sure there are some products from Lush that work great, I was maybe just unlucky for choosing the wrong ones. But I did get products according to what my body needed at that point of time, instead of just wasting my money on Bath Bombs I’d never use.

I’m just a bit disappointed with how disappointing the products are. Would I ever purchase from Lush ever again?

Not saying it won’t happen but for now, it’s very unlikely.

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