Some quick notes about the Shade + Light palette.


Kat von D‘s line has finally made it to Sephora Malaysia (hallelujah)  and absolutely everybody are dying to get their hands on her products, myself included.

My makeup artist got two of her Shade & Light palettes; the contour palette and the eye palette.  She has only used these two on me once but I dare say that I have so many good things to say about what Miss Kat von D has blessed us with.

At first glance, you might think that the eye palette looks a little dull and boring.  Yes they may look like the same colors as other brands but what puts this one above the rest? It is highly pigmented. It is very blendable. And it has a very buttery texture.  Not powdery, not annoyingly hard… It feels like bliss applying the colors on your eyelids.

Let’s just talk about the packaging first. I know I’m one who has mentioned so many times how much I like things to look as plain and simple as possible but this one is absolutely beautiful…in a punk rock way. It is very sturdy and quite heavy, but I don’t think, it’s the packaging that makes it weigh that way. I believe it is because the products are really densed and compact,  which is why it doesn’t feel very light.


Now let’s go back to the colors available in Shade & Light for the eyes. The colors are quite typically the ones you get in every Nude eye palette.  They are all matte so if you like shimmer,  this isn’t the palette for you. The colors are so pigmented that just one swipe with your eyeshadow brush is all that you need to create a beautiful look. It’s also very easy to apply and blending different colors on your lids won’t at all feel like a hassle.

The colors also harmonise very well with one another. I’ve had palettes that have certain colors “eat up” the much lighter ones but this didn’t happen with Kat von D’s. It’s either my makeup artist is completely amazing with blending colors (she is btw) or the colors created for this palette are all meant to stand out in their own color.


For the contour palette on the other hand, again they are extremely matte with no hint of shimmer at all just the way I like it. And just like the eye palette, this one too is very pigmented and buttery. Which is why you have to be careful! Too much of the product on your face can make you look lebam and bruised which isn’t flattering at all.

Just a tiny amount of the browns are needed to create that perfect chiseled look.  As for the highlight powder, it’s matte. I like a little bit of “glow” when highlighting my face… So I have nothing much to say about this one.

All I can say now is I can’t wait to have my makeup artist do my makeup with these palettes again. There’s just so much more I’d like to discover from Kat von D!

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