Gesty Smith, Graphic designer


How I started wearing makeup is funny. I was around 13 in secondary school— SMK Seafield, by the way!— where I was known as the rebel who wore makeup to school. The headmistress knew this, and she would always call me to come see her everyday to make sure I wasn’t wearing any makeup. Well, I got around that by making sure that I always packed my makeup to school and after I’d already met her, I’d just go to the bathroom and put it on. Before that I was a really tomboyish kid who wore jeans and had short hair and all that. I was kind of handsome back then, actually!

These days I work as a graphic designer, mostly designing logos and branding. I’ve done work for SHALS, designing their website and anything else where they might need help with graphic design. I’ve also been a teacher, where I was with an international language programme for two years and I did tutoring on the side. And I’ve also done some modelling on the side— mainly TVCs and clothing lines, a bit of runway but not so much. My hobbies tend towards the artistic side of things, though. Besides graphic design, I do like to indulge myself in music and painting.


I definitely like makeup over skincare. I guess it’s because I’m really into art, and makeup is a bit like painting when you think about it. For example, I’m really into mixing up my products. I never just use one. So if I’m doing my foundation, I don’t settle on just the one shade that a single product can give me. I mix two different foundations— my preferred choice is a mixture of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation— to get the perfect match for my skintone. I do the same thing with lipstick. I never use just one, but I mix and match for a unique shade. I just like things to be unique, I guess. I like to travel quite a bit, and I’ll always choose a place like Rome over somewhere like KL or Hong Kong. Not that the latter two are bad but because of all the modern buildings and skycrapers, it’s lost its unique touch. You could take a picture of a city and you wouldn’t be sure if that’s KL or Indonesia. With Rome, you’ll know for sure that it’s Rome. Like, nothing can replicate that. That’s the attitude I’d take with my lipstick— why use just one when you can make it one of a kind? But if I absolutely have to recommend a single lipstick, I’d go with my red Sephora Cream Lip Stain. It’s like a deep red that isn’t too bright and in-your-face. The colour of my lipstick depends on my mood, but I love wearing red on my lips when I’ve got a white outfit on. Another thing I like to do is to use my lipstick as a blush. I’ll dab whatever lipstick I’ve got on onto my cheeks to give me a matching flush— when I don’t do that, I do like using Sephora’s blusher.

My powder is by Pixi. It’s only like RM10 and is super cheap and I love it. My skin tends to get really sweaty and oily and this helps to bring down that shininess. I also use the Urban Decay Setting Spray which helps with that too. For eyebrows, I used to use and eyebrow powder, but ever since I lost my angled tip brush I’ve been using Silkygirl eyebrow pencil along with Benefit’s Gimme Brow. For mascara, I like to mix Diorshow mascara with a Maybelline one. First I use the Maybelline which is great for making my lashes look long, then I’ll put on the Dior one for volume.


Currently I’m using and loving Soap and Glory’s The Perfect Ten palette, which my mom bought for me in Thailand. I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion to make it last longer. I actually got the primer for free from this shoot I did with Cosmopolitan. Some of these magazines don’t really pay for any modelling jobs or they don’t pay a lot so they’ll generously give away all this makeup to make up for it, I suppose.

Eyeliner is my favourite makeup item, because it’s like drawing. I use Maybelline Hypersharp Liner for that, since it’s like a felt tip pen. Generally, I like doing makeup which reminds me of doing art. That’s why I’m always mixing and matching colours since it’s like mixing watercolours for when you’re painting. Funnily, my artsy side is not reflected in my outfit choices, since I mostly wear stuff that’s pink, beige or white.


For more Gesty, catch her on Instagram!

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