Kylie Lipkit– The lipstick for thots!


Before we begin, please do not attack me for the title. I do not have anything against thots. I am a thot! If you’re curious to find out why I decided to give the Kylie Lip Kit this highly prestigious title, proceed to read the rest of my ramblings below.

Okay, before we REALLY begin, let me clarify: I know all the drama surrounding these lipsticks. The private labelling accusations, the poor customer service, etcetera etcetera. I LIVE for beauty industry gossip so yes I’m well aware of them. But I decided to give this product a try and give it as neutral a critique as possible.

Note: my favourite Kardashian is Kim. Kylie is my second least favourite after Khloe. Why do I find the need to give her my money then, if I’m not a fan of her? Well, I didn’t. This lipstick isn’t actually mine, but I get to use it anytime I want so huzzah.

Alright. So the shade I have is in Posie K. I have the kit meaning it comes with both the liquid lipstick and the lip liner. I’ve noticed lately that you can actually choose to purchase only the lipstick if you want.

Personally, I would not recommend that.


The first time I tried this out, I only used the lipliner to outline my lips then filled it in with the liquid lipstick.

Maybe I’m just a sensitive person with thirsty lips but upon doing that my lips felt drier than they’d ever been my whole life. First of all, the liquid lipstick is very, very liquid– not creamy at all, it’s only a bit thicker (texture-wise) than a lip tint. And I was surprised to find that the liquid lipstick alone is not that pigmented– I’ve had other liquid lipsticks which gave much higher coverage upon the first swipe. Kylie here requires you to go through your lips with the wand (by the way, the wand is excellent! Totally easy to use and control, and I love that the top is skinny– why do liquid lipsticks always come with fat, bulky tops? It only makes it difficult to hold the damn thing when you’re applying)  several times, leaving you with a thick layer of lipstick on your lips… this is what makes it so drying.

“Kardashians are SCAMMERS!” I squawked, outraged at the sight of my crusty lips. “Bring back Paris Hilton!”

Since then, I’ve discovered how to make the lip kit work for me. They’ve given you the lip liner: use it. Honestly I think the lip liner is excellent. Creamy, easy to use, doesn’t ball up, goes on quickly and doesn’t dry out your lips. I could honestly use it alone and it would look great– the only downside is the lipliner by itself isn’t all that matte (if it’s matte that you want). Fill out your ENTIRE lip with the lip liner, to ensure that you’ve got all the colour on there. Once I did that, I was able to apply just one thin layer of the lipstick and it felt a lot more comfortable and less drying.

Mind you, I only said LESS drying and not ‘completely not drying at all’. It WILL make your lips feel slightly parched, and you will always be aware that there is something coating your lips… that’s par for the course for any matte lip product, particularly when it comes to liquid lipstick.

P8130065.jpgKylie Lip Kit in Posie K on moi (I’m the girl wearing white)

But still, I have to give ol’ girl Kylie her dues. There is beauty to this product which I absolutely cannot deny, no matter how much Khlozilla annoys me: the Kylie Lip Kit is the most long lasting lipstick I have EVER tried.

See, no matter how matte or longlasting a lip product claims to be, I was always confident that if I’m not careful– like if I’m talking too animatedly– I will most certainly get it all over my chin and if I even think of eating anything– ESPECIALLY Malaysian food– it IS going to smudge and fade. I resigned to the fact that lipstick just HAS to be reapplied.

Well, the Kylie Lip Kit doesn’t.

I wish I wasn’t so pathetic and incapable of making good gifs which aren’t plastered with “MAKE GIFS AT GIF.COM” all over it, because then I’d show you guys how I can literally rub my mouth or aggressively make out with my own hand and the Kylie Lip Kit will still. stay. ON.

I first treated myself to some matcha latte and a slice of crepe cake– you know, a neat little meal which you eat with your pinky up– and I found that the lipstick stayed on and looked as fresh and perfect as it did right after I applied it. I was already impressed then but LATER THAT DAY I got myself a big, steaming, greasy bowl of laksa Sarawak (for those not in the know– it’s like noodles. Noodles just SWIMMING in greasy gravy, which you eat with a fork or with chopsticks and yes, it is VERY messy) which I devoured with a vengeance– not thinking at all about the lipstick– and… well…

I wouldn’t say it looked TOTALLY PERFECT STILL– that would be a lie– but it still looked good enough that you could just blot your mouth with a tissue and carry on with your day. It had faded, but instead of fading in the middle leaving you with the unflattering bare circle in the middle of your mouth (making you look like a lady of the night after a shift), it had instead faded evenly so as to look more like a lip stain rather than a heavy, full-coverage lipstick.

P8150006.jpgL-R: the lipliner, followed by the liquid lipstick. 

Indeed, I was bowled over. This shit would survive a damn hurricane.

It is with that that I bestowed the title of Honourable Lipstick for Thots upon the Kylie Lip Kit. Because if this lipstick can survive an assault of greasy local food upon your mouth, then it can survive ANYTHING.

Are YOU a thot?? Do you want to get this lipstick? It’s available on the Kylie website at $29, plus another $14.95 shipping for international buyers… or you can just find an Instashop sis to preorder it for you… however, DO NOT purchase from them if they try to charge you above RM200. Sis can go lower than that!

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