Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser, ooh la la.


I’ve used Avene for a good two years now but I’ve only ever used their face spray and hydrating serum. Their face spray is still my HG when it comes to refreshing myself when I’m outdoors or to control the redness I have on certain areas of my face. So far they’ve been working wonderfully and so has the hydrating serum.

Lately, I’ve been investing a lot in makeup remover wipes. My favorite would still be Biore but I have been trying out a few other brands as well. Unfortunately, I now feel that with the amount of makeup I am constantly wearing for work, double cleansing doesn’t make my worries go away as much as it did before. I still go to bed thinking about clogged pores and trapped makeup on my skin.

Not too long ago, my sister introduced to me the milky cleansing lotion by Estelle and Thild. I thought of getting one for myself when I was making my way to Sephora but coincidentally at that time, I made a pitstop at Watsons first.

Out of curiosity, I browsed through the cleansing lotions that Watsons had to offer and I was attracted to two options – Eucerin or Avene.

Being a loyal Avene user as I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, I thought I’d give their cleansing lotion a whirl. Although it is slightly more expensive compared to the Eucerin one, I had more faith in Avene somehow.


I was wearing my Lazy Girl makeup that day so I tried it out the very same night. I used two pumps and the smell was very typically like lotion – so no complains there. As I massaged it onto my face, it got greasier (this doesn’t happen with the Estelle and Thilde) but I could see the color of the lotion changing from white to brown.

The makeup I had on my face which includes my MAC Face and Body foundation, some translucent powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, highlight, mascara and lipstick all melted away. Very convenient! Just to let you know, the first time I used this on my face, I did not cleanse my face with face wipes first because I wanted to see how good the lotion is on its own.

Anyway, I then expected the lotion to be hard to remove seeing how greasy it felt on my face but as I rinsed my face, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it dissolved. The best part is – the grease on my face made the water I rinsed with turn sort-of-white-and-milky! Not bad for a drugstore product!

I’ve been using the cleansing lotion for about two weeks now and so far it hasn’t failed me yet. Not saying I would ditch my makeup wipes to use this product alone though….

If you’re feeling extra lazy, you can actually just cleanse your face with the lotion alone. My face actually feels very clean after I’ve rinsed off the lotion with water but then just to keep my worries at bay, I would still wash my face with Cerave afterwards. When wearing heavier makeup, I’d still wipe my face with Biore makeup wipes – you know, just in case.

I think I’ll be sticking to my triple cleanse routine for quite a while. Because twice the cleanse doesn’t feel as good anymore.

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