How to Make The Perfect Cheese French Toast

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Those lazy weekends.

You just had a crazy Friday night out with your friends and family, after days of not getting in touch – and blame it all on work. So you went all out that night – chatting, gossiping, eating, laughing. Then the next morning, you woke up all worn out and grumpy despite the nice Saturday morning. Birds chirping, the sun shining brightly, the winds softly blowing the nice cold air at your window.

And you’re wondering, “What’s for breakfast?”

Why, cheese French toast it is!

It’s very easy to prepare, tastes delicious and gives the nice yummy cheesy aroma too.

Ingredients? Raid your refrigerator, look for :

  • cheese slices
  • bread
  • condensed milk
  • eggs

Those are the only crucial items to make your Saturday morning better. But if you have dried parsley leaves and white pepper, it’d be marvelous.


  1. Take out those cheese slices and start cutting them into pieces. It should be small enough to fit half the thickness of your bread. Now, get your bread knife and slice the bread a bit in the middle – just half of the thickness, not all the way through. This is where the small cheese slices would go in. And do it again, on the other 90 degrees of the previous cut. (You should see the cut in the picture above)
  1. Now, after you’re done putting in the cheese slices inside those cuts (make sure they don’t drop off), it’s time to prepare for the egg. Mix 3 or 4 eggs inside a bowl and add a spoonful of the condensed milk into the mixture. Mix them well.
  1. Take the prepared bread slice and put it inside the egg mix. Make sure it’s covered with the egg mix thoroughly, without dropping the cheese slices.
  1. Heat up your pan. Pour some oil. Do take note about the fat and calories – don’t put oil too much!
  1. When it’s hot enough, fry the bread slice. Be careful not to burn them too much – just a bit of brown color would do (refer picture).
  1. Take out the bread, put it on a serving plate. Toss a few drops of dried parsley leaves and sprinkle some white pepper.

And…that’s it! Your easy-to-make cheese French toast is served, and ready to eat.

Let us know if you like the recipe! If you have any other scrumptious breakfast recipes you want us to share, leave your ideas in the comment section below.


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