Beach Girl Makeup.


On days when I visit the beach, I’d stick to just a few steps. Why would you bother wearing so much on your face just to have it melted away by the salty air? Beaches are for getting lazy and relaxed, and these are the days when I’d let my skin take a breather after working overtime under all the studio makeup, so I keep my base as light as possible.

For a little bit of coverage, I use the MAC Face + Body foundation when I’m feeling a little bit rajin. Some days I don’t wear foundation at all but I always make sure that I wear sunblock. A little bit of my MAC Select Cover Up concealer which isn’t high coverage on some troubled areas, and then lightly feather on some Laura Mercier translucent powder.

If I have a bit more time in my hands, I’d contour my nose with my contour kit either by City Colors or Barry M. Or else I’d just skip it and directly go for a little bit of blush on my cheeks. Normally I’d go for the L’oreal Cushion and lastly highlight the high points of my face with my 3CE Shimmering Stick.

For an effortless base this sure is a long list, still!


For my eyebrows, I’d normally fill in my sparse areas with the Silky Girl browliner – nothing too dramatic because I still want them brows to look as natural as possible. Only then I’d comb the brow hair with my Clinique brow gel, to create the illusion of having more brow hair.

I’d only wear one color on my eyes and that would be on the crease. I’d choose a simple brown color to give my eyes a more sunken look, or else I’d look like I have a huge area of eyelids. I normally skip eyeliner on most days and directly go to mascara. As of late I find myself using either Gosh Rebel Eyes or Sendayu Tinggi Lash Blash a lot.

I love nudes but for this minimal makeup routine, nude lipstick will make you even more boring and uninteresting. What I usually do is wear either a pink or a more orangey color just to bring some life to my face. Any lipstick brand will do, but for light and easy use, I reach out for Sleek or Laneige a lot. In the picture above however, I am wearing Cek Mek Molek by Pretty Suci, a nude color I wouldn’t commonly wear it to visit the beach. As you can see, it did wash off the other minimal colors I have on my face…so be wise about the color on your lips!

We’re done with my version of the beach girl makeup. Have a good week everyone!

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