Lighter & Curler: A Journey


Have any of you noticed that the people of our generation (late-teens to mid-twenties) kind of love glorifying financial irresponsibility? Like we’ll see funny memes going all “RIP my bank account” or post a picture of a literally homeless person and be all “me after the Sephora sale”. I mean it was cute the first couple of times but we can’t complain that older people label us as being entitled and un-independent then turn around and basically create this whole culture of irresponsibility.

Adulting fail, y’all! Teehee!

I don’t know about you guys but I think I’m pretty good with controlling my spending. I have never once cried after buying something nor have I ever looked at my purchases after a long shopping session and been all “wait how did that happen?!” I’m far from perfect, but I always have a fairly healthy amount of money in my bank account (healthy for a college student, I mean. Obviously I don’t have millions… or even thousands let’s be real) so if I ever end up ramming my car into someone else’s I can easily go to the autoshop and get my busted plate number fixed and my parents will never notice!

Damn, there’s that culture of irresponsibility again!

(Btw my mom claims she TOTALLY reads my blog but if she never asks me about this I’ll know that she’s a damn liar! Anyway mom the aforementioned situation NEVER REALLY HAPPENED)


So WHAT does all this have to do with beauty? Well, I’ve realized that I may be exacerbating this financial irresponsibility problem with this blog. Not only do I encourage others to spend more, I will admit there have been times when I look at totally unnecessary makeup-y things and was all “damn that would make a sick review”. But how do I have anything to write on here if I don’t buy stuff?!

Well, guys, we can still talk about beauty without spending money, don’t we? So let me FINALLY get to the point and bring to you a TOTALLY FREE (well it should be free for most people) TOTALLY EFFECTIVE beauty tip!

Have you guys ever put on mascara and thought “damn this mascara SUCKS let me buy a new one”. Well, I’m here to tell you DON’T DO IT!

P8270010.jpgWhat you will need: An eyelash curler and a lighter. The lighter does not have to be from 7-Eleven. 

I love my Kiss Me mascara– it’s the perfect mascara, I’ve told you this- but man is it boring using the same mascara your whole life. It’s depressing. I want to try and love the same mascaras that all my favourite Youtubers do, but they NEVER work on me. Once in a while I do give in and purchase some cult favourite, made-for-Westerners-lashes-only mascara. And I always end up hating it.

Well I’ve figured out a way to make myself hate it a little less. See, I always curl my lashes before putting on mascara. But with some, it almost feels pointless as the minute I slather on some goopy non-Kiss Me mascara they go right back down. But we can PREVENT THAT! And it’s totally free too!

After all, EVERYONE has a lighter in their home (if you don’t have a lighter, matches will totally work too. If you don’t have that either, rubbing some sticks together vigorously should do the trick!). So basically, curl your lashes and put on your mascara as usual but right after that instead of carrying on with your life, heat up your eyelash curler with your lighter then curl your lashes AGAIN. You know how curling your hair with a hot curling iron makes the curl stay so much longer than if you just used, like, hair rollers or something? This is the same logic. Heat always makes things better!

P8270043.jpgSee the arrow? That is where you will need to focus the flame. 

Of course, this will only work with a METAL eyelash curler. DON’T put fire anywhere near plastic eyelash curlers. Also, you want to heat up the upper part of the curler– don’t get it anywhere near the rubber pad. I like to just very quickly run the curler past the flame– anytime longer than two seconds will make the curler too hot and burn my eye. To make sure that the curler isn’t too hot, I basically just pinch it with fingers. If it’s too hot to touch then I wait until it isn’t.

So that was my free beauty tip! If you already knew this, don’t kill me. There will always be someone who doesn’t.


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