A word on Maybelline Micellar Water.


So I’ve been going through my Estelle & Thild Cleansing Milk like water and although I don’t believe in stopping yourself from using things you love just because it was expensive, I don’t rate the idea of running out of my most expensive skincare purchase ever in… must have been, what, three months?

Thus I picked up Maybelline Micellar Water as an alternative. Now, these cleansing waters have been out for quite a while now and I have always meant to get them. I love that there are so many affordable cleansing waters on the market nowadays (Simple is another one).

Just a note, though— for some reason, there are two versions of Maybelline’s cleansing water out right now. This one that I have and another one with blue packaging. The blue one was slightly cheaper, I believe it was smaller as well. Anyway, who wants a blue bottle when you can have a pink one, right? I assume that the two are the same— I just got the one with the cuter packaging.

Since I got this, I’ve totally refrained from using my Estelle & Thild cleansing milk and have just been using this… I’ve got to say I like it. I mean, do I love it? No, but that’s because I prefer cleansing oil or milk over cleansing waters. The only thing they have over oils or milks is the convenience factor but other than that I remain always slightly paranoid that cleansing water has not managed to successfully get ALL of my makeup off.


Not to say that this paranoia isn’t unfounded— I’ve tried going through my face with several cotton pads soaked with this cleansing water several times just to make sure and I find that by the second pad, my face is totally clean and nothing comes off on the pad. Of course, do note that I don’t wear a heavy base. As predicted, this wasn’t strong enough to get my waterproof mascara off so I don’t bother. In fact, I’d actually suggest against using this anywhere near your eyes… like Bioderma, it will make your eyes sting!

What I WILL suggest is: if you’re thinking of dropping tons of money on Bioderma, maybe get this one instead. They both work well enough to remove light makeup but will get you struggling on things like mascara and liquid lipstick. They both are non-drying. I can use this to get rid of my makeup and then just continue on with my day without putting anything else on. If it was drying, my face would feel so parched and tight that I’d be rushing to get my serums on moisturisers on immediately. The only difference is the price— the teeny-tiny travel sized version of Bioderma’s micellar water is actually more expensive than this one!

Maybelline Micellar Water is available wherever Maybelline is sold for RM25.90 (the pink one). There is also a blue version sold at RM19.

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