Amzar Nizam, Public Relations Manager


Before I got into PR, I worked for an advertising agency…and just so you know it was kind of boring! I just could not imagine myself doing it for the rest of my life so I then took on another job in Public Relations. PR is really different – I attend events, I meet people and I travel a lot. Currently, I work in a media agency where I am in charge of not only their PR but also their creative industry portal. It gets me quite busy most of the time but hey, I honestly do enjoy it!

Because my job requires me to meet a lot of people, looking good is always a must. Not saying that everyone in this line of work looks like Brad Pitt, but the first impression is so important when meeting potential clients – you not only need to have good communication skills, but appearance-wise, that plays a major role too.

I think if a guy can only have two pairs of shoes, his must-haves would include a pair of dark-colored Chelsea boots; that would be versatile enough for work and casual weekends. A pair of lifestyle sneakers would be a necessity too. One rule to live by, never wear flip-flops with a good outfit! Flip-flops should only be worn at the beach or by the pool.

Throughout my career. I’ve interviewed quite a number of people who applied for work at my media agency, and let me just tell you – we judge how you look. As shallow as it may sound, most interviewers do! Now, you don’t have to look like a Calvin Klein model or a beauty pageant… After all, looking good isn’t the deciding factor, but it certainly shows that you care about yourself, hence it makes you look like a responsible person.

For the girls, if you are going for a job interview and insist on having your nails painted, be sure that they aren’t chapped or cracked. We notice these things. Don’t wear too much makeup. Just a little bit to keep you looking fresh and awake would do. None of that extreme contour – that doesn’t add points to your interview anyway. And this applies for both men and women; please, please dress according to the job that you’re applying to.

Apart from how you dress up or carry yourself, the most important self-care for a man if you ask me, appearance-wise anyway, is generally skin, hair, facial hair and nails.

My own personal skincare routine is quite basic. Like any other guy, I guess we’re not as invested as how girls are with their skin rituals… Though that doesn’t mean that we don’t care for our skin at all.


I currently wash my face with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Wash. I actually use quite a number of products from this line, including their toner and concealer. If you’re wondering what I use the concealer for – well, I use it to cover up some of my acne scars. It actually works, I was initially quite surprised by how well it matched my skin tone!

For moisturizer, I use Kiehl’s 24-Hour Hydration Cream. Since I live in Kuala Lumpur and it is so hot over here, I always make sure to put on some sun screen on top of everything else. I use a simple Nivea one and it’s been doing a great job.

So far I’ve mentioned only about skincare but there’s more to men’s grooming than just the skin….a simple advice for men, if you can grow facial hair, please do. And if you do have facial hair, be sure to trim it every other day and have it look put together. It signifies how well you groom yourself, and that says a lot especially when you’re out meeting people.

If I had to choose which product I feel is the most important in my basic self-care routine, I would most definitely choose hairspray. The hairspray that I use is Tresemme Salon Finish Freeze Hold. I use it on my hair, and a little bit on my brows to make them look neater than they actually are. I’d actually use hairspray on my facial hair, but no I’m not willing to take the risk. It might harm my skin….so no.

I don’t use wax or gel that much, because I feel that hairspray and combing my hair with a  regular hairbrush can actually add volume! So I don’t feel too flat, you know?

Perfume can also lift up your spirit before starting your day. I currently favour Sauvage by Dior for Men, the one with Johnny Depp…I’m sure you’ve seen it since it’s at every Dior counter nowadays.

Another note I’d like to make is that for someone who travels as much as I do, always be sure to have miniature versions of the skincare products that you use. Don’t use a product just because it’s convenient or easy. Always know what works for you. After all, you only have one skin! Take good care of it.


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