The Real G.


I’ll just get straight to the point – Glossier isn’t just a brand. It is a lifestyle.

Some even compared it to Supreme; the brand does not sell just it’s products, it sells the “lifestyle” it’s wearer believes it provides. The same thing goes to Glossier I suppose.

Am I only swiping credit cards on merely for the brand and it’s products? Or am I splashing cash for the lifestyle it’s been marketing?

“The ultimate cool girl”, that’s how it is often described by bloggers and makeup lovers on beauty forums. Some worship it, some loathe it. I can’t tell which one I am, so I guess I split right in the middle. There are days when I love it to death, feeling cool and thinking of it as the best beauty brand of our generation (it’s not, I’ll tell you why in a minute); and then there are days when I’d hate it – knowing I’ll never look as cool or as hip as any of the “Glossier Girls” they keep pushing on social media.

For this entry, I’ll focus on the Balm dot Com and the Generation G lipstick.

When I first got the Balm dot Com in Cherry, I was extremely surprised by how small it is. Honestly speaking, I expected it to be the size of my Papaw ointment but then I felt silly because it was already stated on the tube, 15ml. Very small indeed.

I’ve read reviews stating that it is “overglorified petroleum jelly”.

It is.

Only that it comes in a cuter tube, it has a very pleasant smell and it is tinted red.

Do these traits make the Balm dot Com better than good ‘ol lipbalm? No they don’t.

But there’s just something about taking the Balm dot Com out of my pouch and applying it to my lips and have my friends ask me, “hey what’s that?”. And when I answer “oh it’s Glossier”, it makes me feel so cool. For what reason? I don’t know man, it’s just the vibe that the brand gives.

Like every other lipbalm, the Balm dot Com is applied all over the lip and moisturizes well. I normally wear it when I go out when I’m not wearing too much makeup, and the cherry scent and red stain instantly makes me feel more alive.

Oh that and a a little bit of eyebrow gel.


The Generation G lipstick in Crush on the other hand, is not bad as how I first remember it to be. I recall feeling so disappointed when I received it in the mail, looking at how cheap and flimsy the whole packaging looks. The stain isn’t as pigmented as an ordinary lipstick so that made me sad the first time I applied it.

Only after a while did I feel stupid about the whole disappointment – it isn’t supposed to give me thotty lips the same way a liquid lipstick would; it’s supposed to give me the effect of just having sucked a popsicle, or so they say (that’s how it’s marketed anyway).

After truly understanding the vision Emily Weiss had when creating the Generation G lipstick, I learned to appreciate the little lip tint even more. I wear it almost everyday not on my lips, but I apply a little bit just on top of my cheekbones for the flushed effect. I learned that from Rachel Nguyen, my ultimate cool Asian girl vlogger. If Rachel did that, I’ll do it too and I love how it looks on me. As a matter of fact, I love it more as a stain for my cheeks rather than for my lips.

Would I ever repurchase the Balm dot Com and the Generation G lipstick?

I have no idea. The whole idea of having Glossier in my makeup pouch is lovely to me, but it really is unreasonably expensive to ship it all the way to Malaysia.

Not saying I won’t ever purchase anything else from the gTeam, but I sometimes feel like flying to New York and buying it traditionally would actually be a lot nicer, no?

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