How to upgrade your sheet mask game.


Hey guys. So I just want to quickly apologise if posts have been spotty lately. I’m back in a new semester and my thesis has been kicking my ass lately. Plus I haven’t really had any new products that really WOWed me enough to want to write about. A few bad products? Yeah, totally. But you know I don’t really like writing negative things. I dunno. I’ve just been indifferent about makeup and skincare these past couple of weeks, but that might just be starting to change. I just need time to visit Sephora and get in the groove again.

Anyway, although I haven’t been to Sephora (in fact I missed the 20% sale recently… oop @ me) where I have been is to Daiso. Anyone who knows what’s good for themselves knows that Daiso is a beauty goldmine. Doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING there is great, btw– don’t be fooled. Their mascara is trash, for example. But their eyebrow pencils? Excellent. I used to purchase and repurchase the crap out of the slanted tip one back in my staying-in-campus days. Daiso eyebrow pencils really are great, you know. Not just great for RM5.30 (or whatever the price is now after GST. Thanks, Obama!) but just great period.

But everyone knows they’re great. I’m here to tell you guys about the Daiso Sillicone Mask— your new skincare secret weapon.

Okay, so I didn’t discover these myself. I troll a lot of skincare subreddits, you know, so I’ve seen Daiso sillicone masks mentioned a lot so when I was randomly in Daiso that day for a completely separate reason and just HAPPENED to spot this, I had to snap it up. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect to be able to find it in our local Daiso stores!

The fact that it’s a trendy shade of washed out pink just makes it all better. So what this is is a straightforward sillicone mask which you wear over your sheet mask. Like, if you happen to be using a sheet mask, you wear it over so as to block the sheet mask from the air (therefore stopping it from drying out faster, so you get to get maximum hydration up in dis bish) and… like… REALLY push that essence-y goodness into your pores. In simpler terms– it makes your sheet masks last longer.

As you can see, it comes with these ear flaps which you’re supposed to hook over your ears to keep it in place. I have to say, I have a pretty wide face so this is kind of uncomfortable– I find it pulls and tugs on my ears and I have to kind of just ignore the discomfort. I was worried that after a while my ears would turn red and hurt… luckily it didn’t. Just mild discomfort. If you have a normal-sized face it should be fine, I think.


I was also concerned that this would get all loose and baggy. It doesn’t. I find it molds pretty well to the face and really keeps everything in place. It feels a bit like Spanx, but for your face. Not that I wear Spanx, except this one time when I was 17 and had a job interview (for what reason, Idk. I got the job btw). Because of the slipperiness of the sheet mask, the possibility of the whole thing sliding down your face was pretty high to me… but once again, it didn’t.

I kept this on for HOURS while I did some work (I’m ‘conducting’ a ‘research’ about South East Asian hookerism right now and it is NOT as exciting as it sounds) to the point where I actually forgot I had it on. You know discomfort always numbs after a while. It also didn’t bother my breathing or anything. Anyway, once I figured I had more than enough hydration, I took it off and… what do you know, the sheet mask is still DRIPPING with essence. So you really get the bang out of your buck.

Photo on 10-11-16 at 9.29 PM.jpgIf Jason Voorhees was a skincare junkie. 

The sad thing is you end up feeling kind of bad, disposing of a very clearly still-soaked sheet mask. I ended up using it to wipe all over my body. I don’t like wasting.

This item isn’t really a must have, tbh. I don’t think I need my sheet mask to last ten hours. Half an hour is usually enough to get the hydration I need before the exposure to air dries out the mask. But if you’re, like, really concerned about getting your money’s worth then try it out. It’s available in all Daiso stores (at the beauty section) for RM5.30 only.

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