The Aztec secret behind clean skin!


I know some girls who spend a lot of money of facials. Some of them, especially the ones who are tying the knot soon, even go for facials as a weekly ritual to help them get that “bridal glow”. I go for facials too, but once a month is the most I’d do. Firstly because, I’m the type of person who’d rather invest money on expensive products rather than expensive service. Getting good service is a good treat every once in a while but nobody gets to touch my face that easily so I started searching for a more at-home, do-it-yourself approach.

My favorite part of my day is taking off my makeup and going through my evening skincare routine. I’ve mentioned the products that I use in my Lipstick Talk, although a few changes to my routine have been made ever since. However, routine is routine and it gets pretty bland and boring after some point. Which is why, I threw in “weekly home facial” in the bunch, just to shake things up a little bit.

I have always heard good reviews about the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay on Youtube, particularly by Kathleen Lights who claims this is the best mask she has ever used. To be honest after hearing that from her, I obsessively watched review after review on Youtube to convince myself – this product ought to be good, and I ought to try it out!


Getting my hands on the clay wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be, there’s always an Instashop or Beauty Blog that would place a hefty price tag on what’s supposed to be dirt cheap in the States. Girl come on, I know you’re just trying to make a living but I know a greedy person when I see one.

I finally got a tub of the clay a few days after extensive searching left and right, and as seen on Youtube, the product comes in powder form. What you’re supposed to do with it is to mix a couple of tablespoons of the powder with an adequate amount of apple cider vinegar to form a paste. You can also mix it with water, and although I have never tried mixing it that way before, from what I’ve read it’ll cause the paste to be chunkier and clumpier.

Once you’ve perfected the concoction, you will be able to see something like this:


An important note to take; always be sure to use a plastic/glass/wooden/etc. bowl and spoon instead of a metal one as it can ruin the clay. I was horrible at Chemistry in High School so I won’t even bother trying to explain why – just following instructions here!

Use a brush you don’t really care for, or a facial brush if you have one and slather it all over your face. I use my old Topshop foundation brush and it helps spread the paste evenly on my face. I like putting on two to three layers because despite the vinegar scent, I love how cool it feels on my skin since I keep the vinegar in the fridge.

Once the paste starts drying up, you’ll feel tingly all over your face and slowly feel slightly tightened. It’s like small, tiny electric shocks are applied gently to your face, it’s very pleasant really. After a while, you will feel as though the paste is sucking out everything from your pores. I promise, this is the best part of all. You could just feel your face pulsating, as how it is promised on the clay’s label.


After everything starts cracking after hardening up, you’ll know it’s time to wash off. I’ve only done this facial twice, and both times I realise that my face gets slightly red after washing up. My blackheads and whiteheads – all gone, and the first time I tried this out, I had a few small zits surfacing on my skin immediately after. Apparently, if I hadn’t used the mask, these tiny zits would have grown into cystic acne if they weren’t sucked to the surface of my skin. The second time I did this facial, the redness happened again but for a shorter amount of time and only one small bump surfaced on my forehead. It was very tiny that when I squeezed it (couldn’t help myself), my face was clean and clear.

I can’t wait to try it out again for the third time. I want to see what progress my skin goes through after using this clay.

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