Akir Atul Akhirnya

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On 28th July 2018, just two days after I turned 27 years young, I got engaged. Preparations for the big night started even before the Eid Celebrations, and I swear to God, there were times when I thought I was going crazy! I was the typical Bridezilla, I got upset for no reason, picked fights with people when things didn’t go my way, and was very very sleep deprived. Continue reading “Akir Atul Akhirnya”

Dayang Atul – 2018 might just be year of the olive

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Work has taken up a lot of my time and whenever I’m free, I’d be busy planning for my engagement and wedding. Yes, I am getting married – to one of my best friends of 10 years too. I didn’t see this coming at all, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I came back to Malaysia a couple weeks back from Europe – it was for work, of course, not a vacation…..as a matter of fact I can’t even remember the last time I had a proper holiday. My schedule has been so packed – not that I’m complaining.

Being occupied with work and all these engagement/wedding plannings, of course I have to take extra care of my skin if I want to look good on television and on my big day. Before this I had a regiment already but I guess because I am getting older and my skin condition keeps changing due to my age and hormones (let me add stress levels too), my routine has changed to cater to my skin’s needs. Continue reading “Dayang Atul – 2018 might just be year of the olive”

If you saw how many posts I left in my drafts, you would bitchslap me

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First thing’s first, I just renewed the subscription of this domain name on WordPress, not even realising that it has been a month since this blog has been wiped off the internet. As irresponsible as it may sound, I haven’t been checking on MyLS as often as I’d like to – but just a few moments ago, I thought I’d check out the older articles available from 2016 (when the blogging fire was still rearing to go) and then I noticed – “mylipstickstain.com is no longer available, please click here to renew”.

I admit I did have second thoughts on whether or not to give away my credit card details for the renewal, but again, I managed to convince myself that I NEED to practice writing – doesn’t matter if there’s anyone out there who actually reads this.  Long story short – mylipstickstain.com, I’m not leaving you to die.

So here goes….2018, let’s see what you got.

My Passport Stamp: Barcelona, Spain

Everything Sounds Better in Spanish

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Right when you thought MyLS is dead and gone like Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood comeback, BOOM we’re back at it again hoping to start of 2017 with a bang even though January is already almost coming to an end. Really, where did the time go?

All of us over at MyLS HQ, a.k.a the living room of our parents’ house, have been busy with life – some with final exams, classes etc. and as for myself, work got in the way. Apart from work, I’ve also had a billion weddings to attend and flowers to carry around during receptions, alongside travelling and getting my teeth fixed. Trust me, it’s been a crazy November-January for me.

About a month back, I was given the opportunity to spend wintertime in Spain – a trip I’ve been looking forward to! Spain was my eighth country to visit in 2016, and I’m very grateful to have ended the year there, in the heart of Barcelona where the sun is always bright but the cold winds pierce through your skin. Continue reading “My Passport Stamp: Barcelona, Spain”

The Aztec secret behind clean skin!


I know some girls who spend a lot of money of facials. Some of them, especially the ones who are tying the knot soon, even go for facials as a weekly ritual to help them get that “bridal glow”. I go for facials too, but once a month is the most I’d do. Firstly because, I’m the type of person who’d rather invest money on expensive products rather than expensive service. Getting good service is a good treat every once in a while but nobody gets to touch my face that easily so I started searching for a more at-home, do-it-yourself approach.

My favorite part of my day is taking off my makeup and going through my evening skincare routine. I’ve mentioned the products that I use in my Lipstick Talk, although a few changes to my routine have been made ever since. However, routine is routine and it gets pretty bland and boring after some point. Which is why, I threw in “weekly home facial” in the bunch, just to shake things up a little bit.

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The Real G.


I’ll just get straight to the point – Glossier isn’t just a brand. It is a lifestyle.

Some even compared it to Supreme; the brand does not sell just it’s products, it sells the “lifestyle” it’s wearer believes it provides. The same thing goes to Glossier I suppose.

Am I only swiping credit cards on glossier.com merely for the brand and it’s products? Or am I splashing cash for the lifestyle it’s been marketing?

“The ultimate cool girl”, that’s how it is often described by bloggers and makeup lovers on beauty forums. Some worship it, some loathe it. I can’t tell which one I am, so I guess I split right in the middle. There are days when I love it to death, feeling cool and thinking of it as the best beauty brand of our generation (it’s not, I’ll tell you why in a minute); and then there are days when I’d hate it – knowing I’ll never look as cool or as hip as any of the “Glossier Girls” they keep pushing on social media.

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Liqqquid lipstickkks.


There is no denying that we have an excessive supply of liquid lipsticks or lip creams in the cosmetics market today. No matter how annoyed I get when I see the amount of random brands popping out every single day, I still, end up buying them and adding them into my collection.

Just last week when I was in Kuching, Sarawak, I felt so bored with almost nothing to do (it was a long weekend before the Raya Haji celebration by the way), so I spent most of my time at Sephora and at local makeup stores. What was supposed to be “window shopping to pass the time” turned into purchase after purchase.

Now let’s take a look at two of my most recent lip cream purchases.

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My Passport Stamp: Western Australia Part II


The most common thing in Australia in the health and beauty department is most definitely Pawpaw ointment. In case you have no idea what is pawpaw, it is simply papaya – it’s called pawpaw because that’s the sound the fruit makes when it falls from the tree, according to King Louie.

And who is King Louie?

If you’re really asking that then damn you gotta brush your up your Disney facts!

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In defence of girls who don’t wear makeup…

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Before you read on, let me remind you that I am no way, whatsoever intending to hurt any woman, or anyone who might not share the same sentiment as I do. This is purely my opinion, and my opinion alone. I have no intent of exuding hate, nor do I want to hurt anyone who might be affected by what I stand by.

All love.

A very popular makeup blog recently claimed that Alicia Keys’ choice to not wear makeup is not as “brave” as how the media claims it to be, nor is it as “inspiring” as we’d like to believe. They say it is not to be celebrated more than how “brave” other celebrites are with her makeup choices. It is not to be acknowledged as more “inspring” than Amber Rose’s red lips. It is not more “brave” than Kim Kardashian’s nude pictures.

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