Gesty Smith, Graphic designer


How I started wearing makeup is funny. I was around 13 in secondary school— SMK Seafield, by the way!— where I was known as the rebel who wore makeup to school. The headmistress knew this, and she would always call me to come see her everyday to make sure I wasn’t wearing any makeup. Well, I got around that by making sure that I always packed my makeup to school and after I’d already met her, I’d just go to the bathroom and put it on. Before that I was a really tomboyish kid who wore jeans and had short hair and all that. I was kind of handsome back then, actually!

These days I work as a graphic designer, mostly designing logos and branding. I’ve done work for SHALS, designing their website and anything else where they might need help with graphic design. I’ve also been a teacher, where I was with an international language programme for two years and I did tutoring on the side. And I’ve also done some modelling on the side— mainly TVCs and clothing lines, a bit of runway but not so much. My hobbies tend towards the artistic side of things, though. Besides graphic design, I do like to indulge myself in music and painting.

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5 Must-Have Korean Lip Tints

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One of most important lip make up everyone should have is Lip Tint. Lip tint is a very popular beauty item in South Korea and even around the globe. The most common way of applying lip tint is in the form of gradient lip which gives a natural fresh look. To be honest, lip tint last a lot longer than usual lipstick. Korean lip tint also has a broad range of formula such as water, gel, cream and others. This beauty items is worth to try out because they are very affordable.

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Ways to Spend Your Lazy Sundays

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No one can deny that we often cannot wait for the week to end and have some down time alone. Yes, you may have plans with your friends during the weekend, attending weddings, parties or even a special date night but there are just those times when we just want to get away from people and clear our mind. Sometimes we just want to recharge ourselves before beginning a new week all over again. If you are wondering how you can spend those lazy Sundays alone, check out the ways below.

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Which perfume type suits you?

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Many of us are struggling to decide the right perfume or cologne that best fit our personality. Finding the perfume type just right for you might be an overwhelming task. It is important to know what kind of perfume or fragrance scent as it is helps enhance your beauty or attract a potential mate. The base of your scent wardrobe is the one that best describes you. Here is the list of fragrance family you need to know.

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How To Pursue The Career of Your Dreams

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Do you want to take a break from wearing formal clothing of the 9 to 5 job and need a career change? It does not matter how old you are, taking a leap of faith to change careers or go for a job you have dreamt of for years can be quite scary especially when you have bills to pay. This is because you do not want to regret making the choice you think that will make you happy. However, do take note that before you follow your dreams you need to put some plans in action and be prepared. It may not sound as easy, but take that chance by following this list below.

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Choose The Right Beauty Product

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Nowadays, we can read from the newspapers and social media, where some of them have commented with negative comments while choosing beauty products. They have chosen wrongly as they care less about the quality and approval from the Ministry Of Health. Some only just care for affordable price, without looking at the ingredients of the products. They tend to buy all the products from the night market and do not look at the quality of the product.

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A Quick One, While It’s Eid

P6100022.jpgScented candles make a nice touch for any open house. 

Today marks the first day of Eid-ul-fitr for 2016 (or more commonly known as ‘Aidilfitri’ in Malaysia… or just ‘Raya’!). The first few days of Raya will usually be spent with the immediate family, but after a couple of days that’s when we’ll start to see the onslaught of open houses left and right.

Raya is supposed to be all about spending time with loved ones and feeling grateful for what we already have, but… you know, what’s a major holiday without a little bit of consumerism? At least today we’ll be supporting local– meet Lilin + Co scented soy candles!

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Hair Care Tips For Girls With Thin Hair

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It cannot be denied that some of us are not blessed with voluminous hair and we often worry that our thin hair will make us look less sexy. But fret no more, as ladies with thin hair can apply some of these hair care tips to make sure you still have a little volume.  So why wait? Let’s check out some of these hair care beauty tips to make your thin hair appear more rich and full even if it isn’t.

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Po, Cat


The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is work out. I’m very into cardio, so I run laps around the house until I’ve burnt up enough calories. I like to call my workout ‘organic jogging’, because I don’t follow any particular route— just wherever my legs take me. Organically. So if something ends up in front of me, I just knock it over. Actually, knocking things over helps to build up leg muscle. I’m very proud of my legs.

When I’m done with my workout, I like to take a short rest. Resting and self care is very important to me, because as a cat I face a lot of stress in my life therefore it’s crucial that I take good care of myself to ensure my mental health and emotional wellbeing is at tiptop levels. My favourite way to unwind is to cuddle up in a corner with some aromatherapy fragrances. The best fragrance, to me, is the smell of my own farts. It’s so relaxing, and it’s organic. My humans are not into the smell, though. They’re too used to the smell of chemicals. I’ve tried to teach them that natural and organic is better, but they just don’t get it. I guess that is why they are humans and not cats. Cats know better, which is why you don’t see cats burning up forests and fossil fuels.

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Clinique vs NYX: Is this even a fair battle? You’d be surprised!


10 years ago who knew how important eyebrows would become in our lives today? Well for me, anyway. When I was sixteen I never did anything with the two, naturally thin lines above my eyes that I call “eyebrows”. First of all, I didn’t know how to…and second of all, I thought I was naturally ‘gifted’ because thin brows were in by then so my brows I thought, were ‘in’!

I started drawing them on when I was 18 – and it was using a black In2it eyebrow pencil I stole from my younger sister. It wouldn’t even be considered drawing on eyebrows because I literally drew a tail at the end of my two brows (my eyebrows are sadly, only halfway given – from the start to the middle and that’s basically it!) and call it a day.

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