Tasha Manshahar, Singer

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To be honest, I’m not really good with makeup at all! I just don’t really have the skills for applying it… any good makeup looks I might have are all thanks to my makeup artist. But there are times when I have to do my own makeup— for events and such— so when those times come I try to keep my makeup as fresh and simple as possible so that I don’t mess it up. I try my best!

Makeup for your complexion can be a bit tough. I’ve got oily skin, so it can be a challenge on days when I have to wear more makeup than usual… Especially when I’m on the go non-stop, from events to shoots to more events and the makeup needs to keep getting refreshed. So you’ve got the makeup artists touching up over and over and adding more and more layers until… well, you can imagine it.

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Iman Tanita, Le Tapièr


I’ve recently joined BNYV, which is a volunteer platform meant to help people get to know government policies. We also do free legal clinics and carry out charity programmes for the poor. Another project I’ve got going is Sunkissed Society, of which I’m the founder.

Sunkissed Society was born out of when I was doing modelling casting calls and I noticed how there was a huge prejudice against darker skinned girls. I would go to events and makeup artists would never have the right makeup for me, they’d always make me look ashy. It got me thinking about how I know so many pretty girls who hate themselves because they’re more tanned or because they are darker compared to others. It’s a shame because as Asian women, we come in so many shades and that should be something we celebrate, not something we’re ashamed of. So that’s what Sunkissed Society is all about, the aim is to empower Asian women to feel confident in their own skin regardless of the colour of their skin. It’s sort of the first, tiny step towards change but then I’m all about changing the world fabulously.

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Zaira Mazlee, Masscomm Student

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My name is Zaira and I’m a 20 year old mass communications student. I like playing video games— Tekken and Grand Theft Auto are my favourites!— and I adore anything that involves makeup. I am a feline lover and am literally obsessed with my own cat.

When it comes to makeup, I’ve been interested ever since I was a baby. I think it came from watching my aunt apply makeup before work. I was just mesmerised by it, especially by lipstick. I used to sneak into her room when she wasn’t around to try on her lipstick without her knowledge. She ended up giving me my first lipstick— a sample lipstick from AVON— when I was three years old. I used to think that it was lipstick made just for kids since it was so small!

Makeup was an easy hobby for me to develop since I’m surrounded by women who love it as well. My sister, for instance, is just as much a makeup lover as I am and she’s always stealing stuff from me. I don’t mind it at all, though! Since we both wear makeup, we steal from each other. I steal her concealer palette from her all the time— I mean, I bought it for her so I feel like I have the right to use it. Other than that, my friend Khadijah is also really good at makeup— her makeup is always on point! We have similar tastes so we’re always exchanging makeup reviews and giving advice to each other. She’s basically my makeup guru, and was the one to teach me how to get my brows on fleek. So shoutout to my homegirl!

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Ellia Raini, Astro Arena News Anchor


Skincare and hydration has always been a thing in my family. If I think back on my childhood, I can just picture my grandma and her old school Oil of Olay moisturiser. Even in her sixties and seventies, she would always be sure to moisturise her face then after solat Zuhur, she’d put on some bedak sejuk. Her makeup remover was cold cream. Skincare products back then were different, it was more about natural stuff like bedak sejuk. Anyway, it obviously worked for grandma since, in her eighties, people would always mistake her for being in her sixties.

My parents started putting moisturiser on me when I was about three. That was more about battling the cold weather in the UK, where we lived. The one we used was The Body Shop Carrot Moisture Cream (discontinued). We all used it, even my sister who was a year old. For me it was a bit of a necessity because I have eczema and asthma and so my parents always made sure to slap on the Carrot Cream before heading me off to school. This practice actually helped my current belief when it comes to skincare which is that hydration fixes everything. Acne, aging, whatever… the root of the problem always turns out to be a lack of moisture so if you just moisturise well then everything should fix itself.

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Dayang Nea, Law Student & Founder


On paper I’m a college student, but I’m mostly a self-indulgent slacker with a stunning obsession with maintaining an ‘aesthetic’. My interest in beauty started early— although the aim wasn’t to become beautiful. It was 2005 and I was a tween who wanted to be punk rock like the bands I listened to, so I decided the first step to that was asking my mom to buy me a black kohl eyeliner from Avon, which I then proceeded to wear only on the lower rims of my eyes. And with black thick-rimmed spectacles, of course!

Since then, I’ve given up on any ideas of being any sort of makeup artist. I generally do the same beauty looks everyday— even for special occasions, because I hate change since it messes up my ‘aesthetic’— which is dewey skin with a brown smokey eye, or dewey skin with a bold lip. For the bold lip, my favourite is currently MAC Lady Danger. I used to think orangey lipsticks were hideous and should never be entertained, but I am into them now and am currently considering getting more. The other bold lipstick I like to turn to is Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace, from their Pulp Fiction line… it’s a completely ordinary matte red, but it’s Mia Wallace so…

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Mirella Pandjaitan, Style Blogger


Fashion has always appealed to me because it doesn’t have any limitations. As an art form, it’s not one that can be easily interpreted— it could mean one thing to me but something completely different to you, and that’s a good thing because it gives us freedom. Freedom towards our appearance, as well as to our creativity. I must have realised this when I was about 14, when I would go to the mall a lot— Pavillion was like my third home— and people watch, paying particular attention to the clothes. Not only the clothes that the mannequins wore, but also what tourists from different countries wore. They all dressed to battle the same crazy Malaysian heat, but somehow it all came out differently. So going to the mall as a teenager really developed my interest in fashion, but it was also around this time that I would help my mom to get dressed for her many outings. Through helping her, I discovered my love of colourful, uniquely shaped accessories and elegant handbags.

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Zulaikha Zulkifli, Lifestyle Blogger


I first came to South Korea on a trip in 2012, and I ended up coming back every year until 2014— when I decided to pack up and officially move here with my husband. Since then, I can’t even say what my favourite part of living in Korea is… it could be the food, or the guarantee of safety or the fact that we have the fastest internet in the world available completely for free everywhere, even on the subway! At the same time, I don’t really know whether to say if staying in Korea really lives up to expectations or not since I’m not really sure what these expectations even are! If we’re comparing it to the K-dramas, obviously those are a bit exaggerated but generally speaking I can say that Koreans are very thoughtful people.

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Zahin Mazlee, Public Relations Officer


What I do now is exactly what I wanted when I was 15 years old. I even switched from the ‘kejuruteraan’ stream in school to the arts stream ‘cause I knew by then what I wanted to do… and it was not engineering. So my job is to handle PR, media and advertising. The idea about working in PR is that its always fun and glamorous— I mean what else were we thinking of, when we took Mass Communications in UiTM?— but it’s more than that.

They don’t call something a ‘job’ for nothing. It’s not just running around in high heels and falling in love! Haha! The movies lied. Not that its a bad thing. I completely love what I do, like I said it’s always been my dream but this is just fair warning to all the would-be PR gurus out there— there are 20 hour days and you always have to have a full face of makeup on. Actually, if I heard that when I was younger I’d probably think that was a dream as well.

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Dayang Atul, Founder & TV Presenter



I was born in Kuching, Sarawak and stayed there until I was sixteen years old. So for sixteen years, I was basically your regular Kuching girl except for one difference– football was in my life way more than it is for the average adult. The Sarawak State Stadium was my second home, some of my earliest memories were based there. Therefore it wasn’t such a surprise that my career path ended up where it did… a sort of cross between football and mass communication, which was always my other big passion.

People have a tendency to find it sort of weird that I’m in the field I’m in… and that I’m so happy to be in it. Especially since I’ve never made an effort to downplay what a typical ‘girl’ I am. I guess the expectation is for me to hate what I’m doing, and for me to be secretly applying to fashion companies or something. Haha. But that is the farthest things from the truth. Actually, one of the first articles I ever wrote in my field was one on female football fans and the stereotypes people place on us. I can love football and Kim Kardashian. Ten years ago I loved both football and Paris Hilton. It is more than possible.

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