Four Favourite Nudes


I don’t like beige lips. I don’t like light beige, or dark beige. I don’t like brown beige nor pink beige. I don’t like it with eggs. I don’t like it with ham. I don’t like it with spam. Sam I am.

But then EVERY DAY that goes by where people go mad over some variation of a beige/greige nude– usually matte– and I can only react like “oh that wouldn’t look good on me”, I die a little more inside (I’m on life support, at this point). See, my defiance towards straight-up unapologetically nude lips is not out of some middle school desire to be against the mainstream or whatever. It just doesn’t look good on me! I wish it did. I want to be one of those bronzy girls who can wear, like, bronzer and mascara and Kat Von D Bow and Arrow and look great. But no. I’ll just look sick.

Nevertheless, my good sis wears a lot of those kinds of lipsticks (she’s a typical millenial: influenced by Kylie, wears brown liquid lipstick, etc) so I decided to ask her about what she thinks are the best nude lipsticks around.  Continue reading “Four Favourite Nudes”

Pretty. Odd


A friend of mine (he’s a boy) has been telling me about a brand called Pretty Suci and how interesting it is. It claims to be halal and wudhu friendly, which you can check out more of on their website here. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t need the hassle of wondering whether or not their makeup is in the way when performing solat.

Since we here at MyLS are all about supporting local brands, I thought I’d give Pretty Suci a try. And did my friend come through or what– he got me this huge, pretty pink box just FULL of Pretty Suci lipsticks. As you can see, the presentation of the brand is A+.

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Cheap thrills with Elianto.


When I hear the word Elianto, the first thing that comes to mind would be a green stall, or a green shop; although with some decent products in their line, still have that hidup segan mati tak mahu vibe. The store, not their products.

To my surprise, that isn’t how some of their stores are anymore. The one I visited recently was at Setia City Mall, and it looks like they’re rebranding and changing the brand’s vibes. Of course, one look at their new black-and-white stores and you’ll think: ‘Sephora’. But nevertheless, it’s a welcome change and it did attract me to pop in and have a look at some of their products.

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D.O.A: Eyebrow Pencils


Does anyone remember those Dead Or Alive fighting games? Do they even still make those? I used to play them back in the noughties, they were so good. I’d always choose to play my girl Lei Fang and I cannot BELIEVE they paid her dust in the terrible film adaptation. She had like one scene! For shame, Hollywood.

Anyway, today is going to be the first installation of our Dead Or Alive: Makeup Version series where we take two (or more!) makeup products– one expensive, one cheap– and basically do a little compare and contrast. I know, my propensity towards groundbreaking and original ideas astounds me, too.

Let us kick things off with a little battle of the eyebrow pencils, shall we? It’s Shu Uemura versus Silkygirl. Get ready…. FIGHT!

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Be the belle of the ball with Sugarbelle


Every day when you check out for local makeup brands, the most popular you’d find would be liquid lipstick. More and more local girls are starting a brand of their own – and it always has to be lipstick. Now, this isn’t a post to complain about Malaysian Kylie Jenners and Jeffree Stars trying to make it big locally; it’s more about how in the one hundred brands there are out there, only a handful deserve praise.

I was recently gifted with a Sugarbelle Luxurious Matte Lip Cream and I admit, I didn’t at all expect that it would be one of the few hits among all the misses I’ve experienced with local liquid lipsticks!

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Velvet Vanity, Velvet Underground


I’m someone who jumps on any beauty trends with the speed of lightning, yet liquid lipstick is something that I never really fully took to. I mean, I have tried a few with varying results but I still don’t really get why there suddenly appears to be a demand for matte lipsticks to come in lip gloss-esque packaging instead of just, like, regular bullet-shaped lipsticks.

Still, that hasn’t stopped me from taking a crack at the Velvet Vanity Liquid Matte Lipsticks. Velvet Vanity is, of course, a new local brand of liquid lipsticks. Currently, they’ve got only three colours in their lineup (which is good! I don’t like when new brands pop out of nowhere with about a thousand products already on the menu… it makes me suspicious that someone is just buying something wholesale and reselling it…). The one I’ve got is in the shade Blood Wasted.

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