My Passport Stamp: Perth, Australia


So I’ve just been in Perth recently. Vacationing and all, you know the drill. Actually I didn’t just stay cooped up in Perth but definitely got around Western Australia— it was kind of a blast. The farm areas were the highlight for me, as a self-professed #organichoe.

Anyway, nobody wants to hear about me faffing about on the beach. Obviously I did a little bit of beauty shopping– beauty items are my souvenir. I try to buy as many beauty products exclusive to a certain country as possible when I’m visiting. But, you know, my main aim in Perth was kind of to soak up the scenery and be organic and chase kangaroos– not really shopping– so I didn’t exactly visit the Australian beauty hotspots. I passed by Mecca everyday (the store Mecca, not the actual Mecca) but never went in… and obviously there was a Jurlique store in like every corner, but obviously I knew that these stores carried only pricey stuff and I hadn’t done enough research to justify spending a lot on anything.

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My Passport Stamp: London, England


A couple of days ago I landed back in Kuala Lumpur after a week of touring the United Kingdom. I would’ve stayed there slightly longer than a week but because of work commitment, I spent a good seven nights there – which isn’t bad at all!

This isn’t my first time in the UK – but this one’s a trip I’d never forget. We were supposed to go to Paris, France as well but because of the recent bombings, at the end of the day all of us decided against it. So Wales became our second destination next to England.

The trip was well – shopping, halal food hunting….you know the usual. But as a hardcore makeup lover, I allocated a certain amount of money to dedicate to the thing that I love the most – makeup!

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I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world and I try to do so as often I can, when my schedule permits of course. However, time and again I’ve mentioned how tough it is for me to properly plan and block dates because my assignments as a broadcaster always pop up at the last minute, and in bulks too. Recently, I saw that I had a weekend off and immediately blocked the dates so I could get myself a flight ticket somewhere. Everything was last minute and very impromptu so my friends and I decided to go somewhere just nearby – something that can be covered within a weekend.

We headed to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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My Passport Stamp is a new feature where we share the cute, quirky and totally unique beauty finds from our trips to various amazing countries. 

I just got back from Bali after a whole week, a week worth of Annual Leaves well-spent if I do say so myself. One whole week under the sun; it feels amazing to look slightly sun-kissed seeing how naturally fair I actually am.

My process of trying to become Beyonce didn’t come easy, unfortunately.

I spent days under the sun, in saltwater – and most of all, drenched in sweat!

Of course it was amazing to laze by Pandawa Beach and getting my feet massaged whilst listening to the ocean waves. It got me feeling like Paris Hilton in her tacky Stars are Blind music video (don’t judge, I was a big Paris fan before) – except without a semi-naked hot guy showing off his abs next to me.

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