It’s a banana sleeping pack! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!


I’ve only just been done with my final exams for about a week now and I still haven’t fully recovered. This is because for the last month and a half I’ve been waking up in a cold sweat, immediately panicking over whether I’d learned enough or did I have to do another ten past year papers or???? I couldn’t go ten minutes without studying or else I’d feel guilty– this includes taking time off for lunch or dinner.

Obviously, this is not a healthy way to live.

In that one and a half month of torture, however, I managed to scrimp together a few things that still brought me some form of lightness and joy. One of them is the Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack.

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Estelle & Thild is serving silky soft cleansing milk.


We here at MyLS are big proponents of double cleansing. I, personally, have been through nearly every type of cleanser there is— from oil to cream to micellar waters. I’ve since decided that, although cleansing balms and waters are probably the most en vogue these days, my favourite for my dry skin has to be creams. I used to love cleansing oils because, amongst all the types, I really feel like they cleanse the most thoroughly. I mean you just can’t use a cleansing oil and not feel like you’ve gotten all your makeup off… and also every drop of moisture in your skin. The downside to cleansing oil is that they are way too drying. So the last cleansing oil I used was the Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil— it was really good and I didn’t not love it… it was just too much for my temperamental skin.

Cleansing waters are the most convenient but with convenience there is always a catch. I don’t know about you guys but I have a natural tendency towards stinginess when it comes to my product so I worry about whether I’m really cleansing as thoroughly as I should be when using cleansing waters. Plus besides how convenient they are, I have never really found a cleansing water that I loved. I’ve even tried the apparently-magnificent Bioderma and… eh… it was okay.

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Is Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid better than its (kind of terrible) name?


I’ve talked before about how AHA saved my skin from a year-long bout of acne. I’m not the type who repurchases items very much— in fact there are very few items that I’ve ever bought more than twice— but from the second I found it, I was loyal to Mizon Peeling Serum. Was it available locally? No. Did I have to wait weeks upon ordering to get mine? Yes. But I persevered. Because it was my shit, man! It saved my life! What would I ever do without it?

That is until I actually stopped using it.

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On Face Mists & Fasting


Ramadhan Al-Mubarak has always been one of my favourite times of the year. Particularly because of the food, and how much a lot of us (well the people that I know anyway) try to cleanse our souls as best as we can. Basically – not too much gossiping, or using words that we shouldn’t….you get the drill.

I’ve promised myself this year that I will not gain weight like how I always do when it’s the fasting month. I have decided that I will try to eat as healthily as possible to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes when Shawal comes.

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I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world and I try to do so as often I can, when my schedule permits of course. However, time and again I’ve mentioned how tough it is for me to properly plan and block dates because my assignments as a broadcaster always pop up at the last minute, and in bulks too. Recently, I saw that I had a weekend off and immediately blocked the dates so I could get myself a flight ticket somewhere. Everything was last minute and very impromptu so my friends and I decided to go somewhere just nearby – something that can be covered within a weekend.

We headed to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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How To Get Away With Murder(ing your acne)

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.29.17 PM.png

You know how sometimes when we’re talking about makeup and someone—usually a guy— goes and says “Girls who wear makeup are fake and hate themselves and are hiding something from the world! False advertisement!” When we see these kinds of statements girls do tend to— quite reasonably, I have to add— jump to the defence. “Makeup is self-expression!” It goes. “Girls don’t wear makeup for anyone but themselves! We wear it because it’s art!” Then you’ll probably see a dual-selfie, one with makeup and one without. Caption: “Slaying both ways”.

The message there, of course, is “I am confident with or without makeup, but I have chosen to wear it as a form of self-expression… the same way we express ourselves through our clothes or hair.” And that part is true, too! But then— is it really? Or is it only true for those who are already perfect… even without makeup?

I got through my teen years fairly free of acne. That teen curse didn’t hit me, except a short time when I was 15 when I had a small bout of pimples. That turned out to be stress-related, as they went away almost immediately once PMR was over. For the rest of my not-so-carefree teen years, my skin stayed clear. I got into makeup and wore a ton of it. I wore oily, heavy BB creams in the heat of the day, all while I was staying in campus where the default weather was hot and hotter. I never cleaned my makeup off properly, thinking— “Well, it will be all gone the next day, anyway”.

Then I turned 21.

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My Passport Stamp is a new feature where we share the cute, quirky and totally unique beauty finds from our trips to various amazing countries. 

I just got back from Bali after a whole week, a week worth of Annual Leaves well-spent if I do say so myself. One whole week under the sun; it feels amazing to look slightly sun-kissed seeing how naturally fair I actually am.

My process of trying to become Beyonce didn’t come easy, unfortunately.

I spent days under the sun, in saltwater – and most of all, drenched in sweat!

Of course it was amazing to laze by Pandawa Beach and getting my feet massaged whilst listening to the ocean waves. It got me feeling like Paris Hilton in her tacky Stars are Blind music video (don’t judge, I was a big Paris fan before) – except without a semi-naked hot guy showing off his abs next to me.

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Skinfood Rice Mask: When Nasi Becomes Bubur, Exfoliate With It!


Skinfood was the first brand that I really got into. I mean, I bought makeup and beauty-type things before but it wasn’t with so much enthusiasm. Just a kind of, “oh let’s try liquid liner. Which one is the cheapest?” kind of thing. But for some damn reason, I one day read about BB creams and was just smitten so off to google I went to see where I could get one. Skinfood it was!

Korean beauty shopping in Malaysia can be quite annoying, with how marked up the products are but there is one silver lining: the samples. That’s how I discovered Skinfood Rice Mask— it came along with my purchase of Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream (also included: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask, their Lime Secret Shine Base— both brilliant products, btw– another BB cream I didn’t care much about and a bunch of skincare samples that were too tiny to judge accurately).

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Mujiminimalism: Or, look how many times I can say ‘minimalist’ in one post


Have I ever mentioned that I’m really into minimalism? Because I am. However, like most braindead over-consumerist millennials, what I mean by ‘minimalism’ really is ‘minimalist packaging’. I have no plans on getting rid of all the clutter in my life!

Therefore, like every other Youtube minimalist, I like Muji. Ah, Muji! It’s like the antithesis to those English Garden-themed home decoration stores that all our mothers love. You know what store I’m talking about. The one with all the giant bears in the display window and which chokes you to death with the scent of lavender every time you happen to walk pass. Muji, on the other hand, is nothing like that. It’s utility-chic! It’s industrial! IT’S MINIMALIST!

English Garden stores = wearing Birkenstocks with sensible slacks.

Muji = wearing Birkenstock Arizonas with black skinny jeans rolled up at the bottom to go with the rest of your monochrome, Scandi-Chic clothing while loitering around in front of brick walls and running your hands through your effortlessly tousled bob and crying inside because you can’t wear a peacoat and ankle boots because of this damn weather.

Despite that fact, however, I’ve never really thought about buying anything from Muji’s beauty department. Maybe I have some sort of internal prejudice against getting your skincare from the same place you buy furniture. Anyway, like the true civil rights activist that I am, I decided to overcome this prejudice— rise above it— and thus I bought a bottle of Muji Oil-Free Liquid Cleansing.

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The Cure Is A Great Band, But Cure Natural Aqua Gel Is Better


I hate crusty skin, don’t you?

I thought exfoliating would do the job so I’ve put different sorts of exfoliators to the test. However, most of the ones that I’ve tried…wait, ALL of the ones that I’ve tried would seem like a regular facial wash with the only difference of being added with microbeads made to polish your face upon contact.

At least that’s what the packaging usually says.

The entire concept of microbeads is that it drags across your face and scrapes off all the flaky bits ’till you’re left with only the smooth skin underneath. Like sandpaper. Like it’s Kemahiran Hidup class and you’re using sandpaper on your face. I need my face to be polished and cleaned, not burned and scraped!

Because that’s all these microbeaded facial exfoliators that beauticians or drugstore salesgirls keep pushing at me do!

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