If you saw how many posts I left in my drafts, you would bitchslap me

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First thing’s first, I just renewed the subscription of this domain name on WordPress, not even realising that it has been a month since this blog has been wiped off the internet. As irresponsible as it may sound, I haven’t been checking on MyLS as often as I’d like to – but just a few moments ago, I thought I’d check out the older articles available from 2016 (when the blogging fire was still rearing to go) and then I noticed – “mylipstickstain.com is no longer available, please click here to renew”.

I admit I did have second thoughts on whether or not to give away my credit card details for the renewal, but again, I managed to convince myself that I NEED to practice writing – doesn’t matter if there’s anyone out there who actually reads this.  Long story short – mylipstickstain.com, I’m not leaving you to die.

So here goes….2018, let’s see what you got.

Natasya Adolfina, Aspiring Chef


It started when I moved to Malaysia… been spending most of my life here rather than in my own country, Indonesia, since I was 9 years old up until now where I’m 21 years old and have just gotten my bachelor degree in Culinary Arts from Taylor’s University. I just completed my final internship at Nobu KL and am currently on the search for that perfect first job. I’ve basically been in love with art and music since high school, I always got the best marks in school for those subjects compared to others.

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My Passport Stamp: Barcelona, Spain

Everything Sounds Better in Spanish

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Right when you thought MyLS is dead and gone like Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood comeback, BOOM we’re back at it again hoping to start of 2017 with a bang even though January is already almost coming to an end. Really, where did the time go?

All of us over at MyLS HQ, a.k.a the living room of our parents’ house, have been busy with life – some with final exams, classes etc. and as for myself, work got in the way. Apart from work, I’ve also had a billion weddings to attend and flowers to carry around during receptions, alongside travelling and getting my teeth fixed. Trust me, it’s been a crazy November-January for me.

About a month back, I was given the opportunity to spend wintertime in Spain – a trip I’ve been looking forward to! Spain was my eighth country to visit in 2016, and I’m very grateful to have ended the year there, in the heart of Barcelona where the sun is always bright but the cold winds pierce through your skin. Continue reading “My Passport Stamp: Barcelona, Spain”

Two throwbacks, one post.


I know, am I not the alcoholic deadbeat dad of blog writing right now? Ah well. Apologies will get us nowhere. ANYWAY, let’s talk about these two lip products I have: the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 1993 and the Tarte Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in the shade Obvi.

Besides the fact that these are both really good products (and yes, I think you should go out and buy them), one of the reasons I find them so interesting (and the reason why I gave this post this title) is that they kind of represent two throwback eras which I absolutely love.

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How to upgrade your sheet mask game.


Hey guys. So I just want to quickly apologise if posts have been spotty lately. I’m back in a new semester and my thesis has been kicking my ass lately. Plus I haven’t really had any new products that really WOWed me enough to want to write about. A few bad products? Yeah, totally. But you know I don’t really like writing negative things. I dunno. I’ve just been indifferent about makeup and skincare these past couple of weeks, but that might just be starting to change. I just need time to visit Sephora and get in the groove again.

Anyway, although I haven’t been to Sephora (in fact I missed the 20% sale recently… oop @ me) where I have been is to Daiso. Anyone who knows what’s good for themselves knows that Daiso is a beauty goldmine. Doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING there is great, btw– don’t be fooled. Their mascara is trash, for example. But their eyebrow pencils? Excellent. I used to purchase and repurchase the crap out of the slanted tip one back in my staying-in-campus days. Daiso eyebrow pencils really are great, you know. Not just great for RM5.30 (or whatever the price is now after GST. Thanks, Obama!) but just great period.

But everyone knows they’re great. I’m here to tell you guys about the Daiso Sillicone Mask— your new skincare secret weapon.

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Yet another makeup tip which is (almost) totally free!


You know I was going to write another product review but then Karl Marx’s ghost visited me and pointed me in the direction of Lisa Eldridge’s new makeup tutorial using exclusively natural and/or organic products. Well, thanks a lot Ghostly Karl Marx because upon watching Kween Lisa’s video, I picked up yet ANOTHER beauty tip which not only totally works but is (almost) TOTALLY FREE– using aloe vera gel as an eyeshadow primer!

Want to up your makeup game while kicking capitalism on the butt? Read on!

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In defence of girls who don’t wear makeup…

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Before you read on, let me remind you that I am no way, whatsoever intending to hurt any woman, or anyone who might not share the same sentiment as I do. This is purely my opinion, and my opinion alone. I have no intent of exuding hate, nor do I want to hurt anyone who might be affected by what I stand by.

All love.

A very popular makeup blog recently claimed that Alicia Keys’ choice to not wear makeup is not as “brave” as how the media claims it to be, nor is it as “inspiring” as we’d like to believe. They say it is not to be celebrated more than how “brave” other celebrites are with her makeup choices. It is not to be acknowledged as more “inspring” than Amber Rose’s red lips. It is not more “brave” than Kim Kardashian’s nude pictures.

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A word on Maybelline Micellar Water.


So I’ve been going through my Estelle & Thild Cleansing Milk like water and although I don’t believe in stopping yourself from using things you love just because it was expensive, I don’t rate the idea of running out of my most expensive skincare purchase ever in… must have been, what, three months?

Thus I picked up Maybelline Micellar Water as an alternative. Now, these cleansing waters have been out for quite a while now and I have always meant to get them. I love that there are so many affordable cleansing waters on the market nowadays (Simple is another one).

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Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser, ooh la la.


I’ve used Avene for a good two years now but I’ve only ever used their face spray and hydrating serum. Their face spray is still my HG when it comes to refreshing myself when I’m outdoors or to control the redness I have on certain areas of my face. So far they’ve been working wonderfully and so has the hydrating serum.

Lately, I’ve been investing a lot in makeup remover wipes. My favorite would still be Biore but I have been trying out a few other brands as well. Unfortunately, I now feel that with the amount of makeup I am constantly wearing for work, double cleansing doesn’t make my worries go away as much as it did before. I still go to bed thinking about clogged pores and trapped makeup on my skin.

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