Some quick notes about the Shade + Light palette.


Kat von D‘s line has finally made it to Sephora Malaysia (hallelujah)  and absolutely everybody are dying to get their hands on her products, myself included.

My makeup artist got two of her Shade & Light palettes; the contour palette and the eye palette.  She has only used these two on me once but I dare say that I have so many good things to say about what Miss Kat von D has blessed us with.

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Ways to Spend Your Lazy Sundays

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This post was brought to you by Zalora.

No one can deny that we often cannot wait for the week to end and have some down time alone. Yes, you may have plans with your friends during the weekend, attending weddings, parties or even a special date night but there are just those times when we just want to get away from people and clear our mind. Sometimes we just want to recharge ourselves before beginning a new week all over again. If you are wondering how you can spend those lazy Sundays alone, check out the ways below.

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Cheap thrills with Elianto.


When I hear the word Elianto, the first thing that comes to mind would be a green stall, or a green shop; although with some decent products in their line, still have that hidup segan mati tak mahu vibe. The store, not their products.

To my surprise, that isn’t how some of their stores are anymore. The one I visited recently was at Setia City Mall, and it looks like they’re rebranding and changing the brand’s vibes. Of course, one look at their new black-and-white stores and you’ll think: ‘Sephora’. But nevertheless, it’s a welcome change and it did attract me to pop in and have a look at some of their products.

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What’s In My Raya Bag?


” I’m pretty basic when it comes to whatever I carry around in my handbag. I avoid as much as possible from having to carry a heavy load. I’m lazy like that. For Raya, nothing much changes in there – even the necessities for makeup touch ups. I’d have already prepped my face with primers or prepping sprays that work well with my skin before leaving the house when I wear makeup anyway, so heavy touch ups when I’m outside aren’t that necessary.

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Is Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid better than its (kind of terrible) name?


I’ve talked before about how AHA saved my skin from a year-long bout of acne. I’m not the type who repurchases items very much— in fact there are very few items that I’ve ever bought more than twice— but from the second I found it, I was loyal to Mizon Peeling Serum. Was it available locally? No. Did I have to wait weeks upon ordering to get mine? Yes. But I persevered. Because it was my shit, man! It saved my life! What would I ever do without it?

That is until I actually stopped using it.

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D.O.A: Eyebrow Pencils


Does anyone remember those Dead Or Alive fighting games? Do they even still make those? I used to play them back in the noughties, they were so good. I’d always choose to play my girl Lei Fang and I cannot BELIEVE they paid her dust in the terrible film adaptation. She had like one scene! For shame, Hollywood.

Anyway, today is going to be the first installation of our Dead Or Alive: Makeup Version series where we take two (or more!) makeup products– one expensive, one cheap– and basically do a little compare and contrast. I know, my propensity towards groundbreaking and original ideas astounds me, too.

Let us kick things off with a little battle of the eyebrow pencils, shall we? It’s Shu Uemura versus Silkygirl. Get ready…. FIGHT!

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Raja Azureen Eleena, TV Host & Makeup Artist


Technically my interest in makeup started when I was 14 because of Youtube, but if we’re talking about my entire makeup journey I guess it started from when I graduated from Ohio State University. I did psychology, and the reason I was doing it was because someone told me how they were looking for people to provide counselling for patients before they go to surgery and stuff. So I was interested and was like “yeah, I want to do that” but by my final year I felt like it was making me crazy so I ended up deciding that I wouldn’t do psychology after all. My first job after graduation was in PR and Branding for Marina Capital which is a private investment firm. I left after three months and that’s when I started Youtube since I wasn’t doing anything and had so much free time. My friends were all telling me that I should try doing tutorials since I practically spent half my day watching them— my favourite was Kandee Johnson, I loved how she was always smiling and how inspiring she was— so I thought I’d try it out.

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A’Pieu DD Cream Is Nothing Like Pepe Le Pew! (meaning it doesn’t stink)


I think one of the most overused buzzwords in the beauty industry is ‘HG’ AKA Holy Grail. When I first came across this term a few years ago I was a bit confused by it. I mean I was still fresh and a total n00b so I still associated the term with, like, religious imagery and stuff. Anyway, HG is supposed to be the term you use to describe the makeup product that is, like, your One True Love, your ride or die, your Main Chick, et cetera et cetera.

There are a few makeup products that usually get conferred HG status by magazines and the like, causing everyone to rush out and buy them. I’ve tried a couple, and tbh 9 times out of 10 they end up just… okay. If not downright disappointing (Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, I’m looking at you! Oily mofo). In my (roughly) 6 years of experience as a Beauty Overspender, I think I must have found about… two Holy Grail items.

And I’m about to tell you about one of them! Meet A’Pieu Dark Diminish Cream, or DD Cream if you’re nasty.

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Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together. Liz Taylor.


Why is this blog called My Lipstick Stain? Because we all love lipstick here, duh!

My favorite makeup to shop for will always be lipstick. If I had to choose between lipstick and blush, I would choose lipstick. If I had to choose between lipstick and eyeshadow, it would be lipstick. If I had to choose between lipstick and contour kits, I would still choose lipstick!

I even have tonnes of old photographs of moí as a toddler where I’d be playing with my mom’s collection back then. That’s how early this crazy obsession started. I would cry and demand for my mom to put lipstick on my infant lips but obviously she rarely would. On some lucky days I would be allowed to wear a light brown shade or some other color that was big in the 90’s. It made me feel one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming the sixth member of the Spice Girls. I was such a big fan, I cried and mourned when I found out that Ginger Spice departed the girl group!

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