A Quick Guide On Saving Money

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It is a general consensus that saving money has been a pretty challenging thing to do. We might all have the plan to set some cash aside as our savings but when it comes to implementing it in real life, it is as hard as losing weight – probably something that one will just say or think of doing but never gotten around to take it seriously.

If you are wondering what are the subtle ways which can help you save some of your hard earn money, here are some tips that can actually save you a few bucks without you realizing.

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Beauty Secrets That May Surprise You

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Women always want to look pretty.  Besides being healthy, woman should take into account in maintaining other parts of your body as it is important as well.  Let’s take our skin for example.  Different woman have different types of skin tone and condition.  So how do you take care of your skin?  Do you think by using a complete range of beauty products can assure your skin looking radiant as you expect?  How about if you have dry or oily skin? What is the best product that suits your skin?  How about the cost?  Does the most expensive products help give the best results?

Here are some beauty secrets that you might not know before.  Perhaps it can save you a few bucks and probably solve your skin problems.

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5 Qualities To Maintain Long-Lasting Friendship

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I believe that everyone must have someone they can depend on that is called friends. Friends are the most valuable people in life after our family. Without friends, our life will be boring and we will feel lonely. However, it is not an easy task as it seems to keep our friendship long-lasting for years to come. Here are some secrets to share with everyone what qualities we should have to maintain long-lasting friendship.

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Crucial Routines for Women in their 30s

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There is no reason to be panic when you are reaching 30s. Of course, there will be wrinkles and grey hairs but you shouldn’t stop being fabulous and live your life. Women in their 30s will definitely experiencing skin changes and also hormonal changes. But hey, that is totally normal for ageing and there is nothing to worry about. What you have to do is appreciate your body and practice these routines to look amazing in your 30s;

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Get Some Knowledge Before Buying Your Lipsticks

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Lipstick is one of the essential make up things that any women must have.  It is like an incomplete day if you forget to put lipstick on while the rest of your make up procedure is done.  But how many of you know which type of lipstick that suits you?  Do you choose lipsticks based solely on the color or you just stick with the nude shade, which suits anytime?

Knowledge about characteristics of lipstick is important before you can choose which one suits your mood or the shape of your lips.  Here are some info about lipsticks taken from Lipstickhistory.com to give you an idea or two before you actually buy your favorite lipsticks.

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Makeup on the Go: Busy Mothers Edition

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Whenever I turn up at a gathering with my friends with a full face of makeup, my friends who are mothers (a.k.a the mother friends) would complain that they wished that they have the time to apply just one hint of makeup on their face. Handling a baby with a beautifully made up face is apparently not possible once you become a parent because it is such a hassle and takes up too much time. No mothers can spend more than 15 minutes to do something without being interrupted by their child(ren). However, these simple tips can help save your time and you will never turn up like a haggard old lady at gatherings ever again.

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10 Beauty Products You Can Replace With Coconut Oil

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It is no secret that coconut oil has become a must-have in any beauty enthusiast’s daily regimen. This oil just not only tastes great, it also provides plenty of amazing benefits for healthy skin, hair and nails too. Eager to find out more about this beneficial and multi-tasking oil? Keep reading to discover 10 beauty products that you can get rid of and replace with coconut oil!

1. Highlighter

You can simply get that naturally subtle glow by swiping just a small amount of coconut oil above your blush, instead of investing your money on pricey shimmers.

2. Frizz serum

Fight unruly frizz by placing a dime-size amount to smooth over and keep flyaways tamed.

3. Mouthwash

Swish a tablespoon of the pomade in your mouth for 20 minutes (you read it right, minutes!) every morning after you wake up for a deep clean between your teeth and to actually combat toxins as well.

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