My Passport Stamp: Perth, Australia


So I’ve just been in Perth recently. Vacationing and all, you know the drill. Actually I didn’t just stay cooped up in Perth but definitely got around Western Australia— it was kind of a blast. The farm areas were the highlight for me, as a self-professed #organichoe.

Anyway, nobody wants to hear about me faffing about on the beach. Obviously I did a little bit of beauty shopping– beauty items are my souvenir. I try to buy as many beauty products exclusive to a certain country as possible when I’m visiting. But, you know, my main aim in Perth was kind of to soak up the scenery and be organic and chase kangaroos– not really shopping– so I didn’t exactly visit the Australian beauty hotspots. I passed by Mecca everyday (the store Mecca, not the actual Mecca) but never went in… and obviously there was a Jurlique store in like every corner, but obviously I knew that these stores carried only pricey stuff and I hadn’t done enough research to justify spending a lot on anything.

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A word on Maybelline Micellar Water.


So I’ve been going through my Estelle & Thild Cleansing Milk like water and although I don’t believe in stopping yourself from using things you love just because it was expensive, I don’t rate the idea of running out of my most expensive skincare purchase ever in… must have been, what, three months?

Thus I picked up Maybelline Micellar Water as an alternative. Now, these cleansing waters have been out for quite a while now and I have always meant to get them. I love that there are so many affordable cleansing waters on the market nowadays (Simple is another one).

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Minimalist Skincare Routine For Beginners


While elaborate makeup routines are becoming more and more popular, I realise that a lot of girls are still apprehensive about skincare. This is totally understandable, as skincare is seen as a more ‘serious’ thing than makeup— getting the wrong skincare can totally mess up your skin, while the wrong makeup can easily be washed off— plus, when beauty websites (including this one, guilty as charged) rave about long, overblown 10-step skincare routines, the skincare beginner may be intimidated from using any skincare at all.

So today I’m bringing you an article about building a simple, minimalist routine for the skincare beginner— inspired by when a friend of mine asked if she should use moisturiser or not. First disclaimer: obviously I am not a skincare expert. I’m not a dermatologist! What I know is all a result of reading up on the internet and my own experience of battling acne, but I’m not a professional and my advice is meant to be just that: advice. Therefore, I’ll be keeping the recommendations today as gentle as possible, applicable for someone who doesn’t suffer very serious skin problems. Secondly, yes my definition of ‘minimalist’ may not be the same as yours. I’m using it to mean as minimalist as a skincare routine can get, but in the end it will still be a routine with more than one step. If you want ‘minimalist’ by the purest of definitions— then just use one step. Also, just like in my Makeup Shopping for Beginners guide, I’ll be keeping the suggestions focused on drugstore since I imagine beginners are not looking to splurge just yet.

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Estelle & Thild is serving silky soft cleansing milk.


We here at MyLS are big proponents of double cleansing. I, personally, have been through nearly every type of cleanser there is— from oil to cream to micellar waters. I’ve since decided that, although cleansing balms and waters are probably the most en vogue these days, my favourite for my dry skin has to be creams. I used to love cleansing oils because, amongst all the types, I really feel like they cleanse the most thoroughly. I mean you just can’t use a cleansing oil and not feel like you’ve gotten all your makeup off… and also every drop of moisture in your skin. The downside to cleansing oil is that they are way too drying. So the last cleansing oil I used was the Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil— it was really good and I didn’t not love it… it was just too much for my temperamental skin.

Cleansing waters are the most convenient but with convenience there is always a catch. I don’t know about you guys but I have a natural tendency towards stinginess when it comes to my product so I worry about whether I’m really cleansing as thoroughly as I should be when using cleansing waters. Plus besides how convenient they are, I have never really found a cleansing water that I loved. I’ve even tried the apparently-magnificent Bioderma and… eh… it was okay.

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