Lighter & Curler: A Journey


Have any of you noticed that the people of our generation (late-teens to mid-twenties) kind of love glorifying financial irresponsibility? Like we’ll see funny memes going all “RIP my bank account” or post a picture of a literally homeless person and be all “me after the Sephora sale”. I mean it was cute the first couple of times but we can’t complain that older people label us as being entitled and un-independent then turn around and basically create this whole culture of irresponsibility.

Adulting fail, y’all! Teehee!

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Bright eyes with NYX Vivid Brights.


One of the things I’ve always struggled with is incorporating more colour into my makeup looks. Now, I obviously don’t have much of a problem with wearing bright colours on my lips and cheeks (actually, I’ll wear ANY shade on my lips– I ain’t afraid) but I’ve always struggled with getting any colour on my eyes.

This is mostly due to the fact that I have tiny eyelids, therefore getting to be adventurous with my eyeshadow is out of the question. I LIKE colourful eyeshadow but the good ones are always expensive and I’m apprehensive towards paying loads of money for something I wouldn’t be able to wear all the time (colourful eyeshadows at the drugstore are usually crappy and too wishy-washy). HOWEVER, I’ve found a way to ease myself into a more wearable method of wearing colour on my eyes: meet NYX Vivid Brights Liner.

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D.O.A: Eyebrow Pencils


Does anyone remember those Dead Or Alive fighting games? Do they even still make those? I used to play them back in the noughties, they were so good. I’d always choose to play my girl Lei Fang and I cannot BELIEVE they paid her dust in the terrible film adaptation. She had like one scene! For shame, Hollywood.

Anyway, today is going to be the first installation of our Dead Or Alive: Makeup Version series where we take two (or more!) makeup products– one expensive, one cheap– and basically do a little compare and contrast. I know, my propensity towards groundbreaking and original ideas astounds me, too.

Let us kick things off with a little battle of the eyebrow pencils, shall we? It’s Shu Uemura versus Silkygirl. Get ready…. FIGHT!

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