My Passport Stamp: London, England


A couple of days ago I landed back in Kuala Lumpur after a week of touring the United Kingdom. I would’ve stayed there slightly longer than a week but because of work commitment, I spent a good seven nights there – which isn’t bad at all!

This isn’t my first time in the UK – but this one’s a trip I’d never forget. We were supposed to go to Paris, France as well but because of the recent bombings, at the end of the day all of us decided against it. So Wales became our second destination next to England.

The trip was well – shopping, halal food hunting….you know the usual. But as a hardcore makeup lover, I allocated a certain amount of money to dedicate to the thing that I love the most – makeup!

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Valar Morghulis: Makeup Products That Remind Me of Game of Thrones


If I haven’t made it clear enough on this website that I am completely, helplessly obsessed with Game of Thrones, then I absolutely have no idea how to express that any more. I’ve come to a point where I’ve re-watched certain episodes over and over again yet still cried (I’m looking at you, Red Wedding and Hold The Door!), and also resorted to listening to just the show’s soundtrack in my car. Ok tipu but I do listen to the opening theme and House Lannister or House Stark themes on a regular basis when driving to work.

I’m always looking for someone to talk to about the show’s theories (like R + L = J???) and what might happen until the season finale (will there really be a Lady Stoneheart appearance?!). I’ve also come to a point where I relate everything in my surrounding with the characters – for example, my cat now is not just a cat; she’s a direwolf slash dragon.

Recently I was cleaning up my makeup collection….and guess what? Some of the products that I have remind me of the women of Game of Thrones! I think that goes to show that I’ve reached an unhealthy level of obsession.

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