Natasya Adolfina, Aspiring Chef


It started when I moved to Malaysia… been spending most of my life here rather than in my own country, Indonesia, since I was 9 years old up until now where I’m 21 years old and have just gotten my bachelor degree in Culinary Arts from Taylor’s University. I just completed my final internship at Nobu KL and am currently on the search for that perfect first job. I’ve basically been in love with art and music since high school, I always got the best marks in school for those subjects compared to others.

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How To Shut Your Inner Voice When It Keeps Buzzing In The Head

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Inner voice is also known as an internal monologue of consciousness or thinking in words. Every person will face this situation without realizing. Some of them are being ignored while in another part it has been taken care of. The voice can make our life miserable and horrible if we try to avoid them because it keeps rotating in our mind. So, here are five ways to shut our inner voice wisely, especially when its makes us have doubts.

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