Dayang Atul, Founder & TV Presenter



I was born in Kuching, Sarawak and stayed there until I was sixteen years old. So for sixteen years, I was basically your regular Kuching girl except for one difference– football was in my life way more than it is for the average adult. The Sarawak State Stadium was my second home, some of my earliest memories were based there. Therefore it wasn’t such a surprise that my career path ended up where it did… a sort of cross between football and mass communication, which was always my other big passion.

People have a tendency to find it sort of weird that I’m in the field I’m in… and that I’m so happy to be in it. Especially since I’ve never made an effort to downplay what a typical ‘girl’ I am. I guess the expectation is for me to hate what I’m doing, and for me to be secretly applying to fashion companies or something. Haha. But that is the farthest things from the truth. Actually, one of the first articles I ever wrote in my field was one on female football fans and the stereotypes people place on us. I can love football and Kim Kardashian. Ten years ago I loved both football and Paris Hilton. It is more than possible.

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