Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream, For Those Who Bake Their Faces


Double cleansing is now a necessity. If you wear makeup, there really is no excuse for it. You may think that your lone facial wash is enough to remove everything from your face but trust me, it isn’t. And even if it did, that’s not a good thing either. That would mean your facial wash is too harsh and stripping for continued use. The ideal step is to have two separate, gentle steps in your face washing routine, with two separate products. Now it may sound like the beauty industry is trying to pull a fast one on us to get us to buy more products but it really isn’t. If you wear a full face of makeup daily, just facial wash isn’t going to cut it. I was one of those one-step-face-wash routine types before. I wore foundation every day yet the only makeup removal step I did was to wash my face with Neutrogena face wash and that was it. It didn’t take long until my bad habits caught up with me. Luckily, I got on that double cleansing game and my skin has been saved.

So the first step in your double cleansing routine can take on many forms. We’ve already covered cleansing water, and cleansing oil and balms are soon to come but today we’re talking about cleansing creams. Specifically, Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Cream. This cream comes in a pretty huge 180 ml tub plus, being from Etude House, isn’t bank breaking at all. I got mine during a Buy One Get One Free deal (which Etude House has all the time… is that a permanent thing, or something?) so naturally I chose to get a second tub and I guess I can say I’m well supplied with this stuff until at least 2085.

But how does this product work? To put it simply, it works. The product is no-frills, it doesn’t promise to brighten or tighten or to do anything other than remove your makeup, and remove your makeup it does. Now, as a double cleansing enthusiast I will admit that of all the many ways to double cleanse, cleansing cream might be the least convenient. Cleansing water is definitely easier and what I use more often, but if you’re a product junkie and just like to try stuff, this really isn’t that bad. Without counting waterproof mascara, this cleansing cream is definitely capable of removing a full face of makeup. Just slather the cream all over your face and watch it melt everything off.


There’s something kind of retro about using cleansing cream compared to, say, cleansing water. Our grandmothers definitely used to use it back in the day… but back then they called it ‘cold cream’. It also feels more personal than cleansing water, where you basically just swipe a cotton pad across your face and are done. With cream, you really get your hands up all up on your face (make sure they’re clean!) and it helps you to get to know your own face— all the bones, the hollows. It sounds silly, but a lot of people don’t and that is why a lot of people aren’t sure where to put blush/bronzer/highlighter. Besides that, cleansing cream is a great opportunity to give yourself a facial massage.

This cream doesn’t take a long time to use— you should be done in less than a minute. The cream sort of melts into an oil and will be ready to be removed. The description on the tub advises you to wipe off with a cotton pad, but I didn’t want to use up my precious cotton pads— one of the reasons I picked up a cleansing cream in the first place is to reduce my usage of cotton pads, anyway—  so I just wash this off with water and it works just as fine. It comes off just like a cleansing oil would.

However, I must give a word of advice: if you’re oily-skinned, or are someone who is very particular about what you put on your skin, then it might be a bit wise to stay away from it. I have very, very dry skin and this hasn’t caused me any problems at all— it isn’t greasy or anything— but it does leave residue after washing off. I also note that my facial wash foams up less after using this product compared to with others. So, if this is your first foray into double cleansing and you’re not ready to potentially suffer any setbacks than I would personally point you to the direction of cleansing water instead.

Otherwise, you can purchase Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream at all Etude House stores for RM55.


For entertainment’s sake, here’s a video of 1930s Hollywood actress Constance Bennett‘s daily beauty regimen. It’s a good example of the vintage allure of cleansing creams!

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